Wedding food: How to play it safe and get it right?

wedding food

Are there dishes that are impossible to go wrong with on wedding menus? There is no one that is infallible, but there are many that can help you stay safe on a day as special as this. And since we don't want anything to fail, we talk today about how get the wedding food right and those dishes that are a sure value on the table.

La organizing a wedding requires making numerous decisions. And one of the most important, without a doubt, has to do with the wedding menu. Maintaining the balance between the safe and the surprising is complicated, although there are some keys to achieving it.

What is a wedding menu like today?

Nowadays, most couples choose serve a standing cocktail with support tables with different gastronomic proposals, both hot and cold. Dishes that combine tradition and avant-garde and usually last for an hour or an hour and a half.

wedding food

Then comes the traditional banquet, which usually consists of at least one starter, a starter (to choose from) and dessert.” The time at the table is thus reduced compared to the traditional banquets that were held years ago and the service is speeded up.

Both at the cocktail party and at the banquet it is necessary to have options for vegetarians, vegans and celiacs, as well as for those people with other special diets that should be indicated when confirming the invitation. Thus, finding balance is even more difficult, but not impossible.

As for the prices of wedding menus, they currently vary a lot can go from 70 to 250 euros, approximately. It will depend on the place, the type of menu, the dishes you choose, paying more or less. Set a budget per person and stick to it.

Dishes that are a success

What dishes are always a hit? Which ones can we take risks with? The truth is that although new gastronomic proposals have been incorporated into wedding banquets, there are others that are difficult to banish. In Spain we are little given to experiments on days like this, even so we can observe small changes that have been very well accepted.

The cocktail

Ham is a very popular proposal at our weddings as are seafood or mushroom croquettes. It is something that you know you will always like and that allows you to take a little risk with the rest of the proposals. Gazpachos, cheese fritters, savory crepes and sirloin mounts adapted to each season are also popular and are regularly offered.

Along with the previous proposals, today there are many who are betting on others that are somewhat more risky and exotic. The themed cocktails and food trucks, for example, allow you to offer varied starters with influence from other countries that allow guests to try new things and get out of the routine.

Starter at a wedding banquet

The entree

The starter is usually different in the summer and winter weddings; In the former, a cold dish is usually served, while in the latter, a hot dish is recommended to help warm up the guests. However, in both cases vegetables and seafood are mainly used.

At summer weddings today, cold or warm poultry or seafood salads, as well as fine cold creams, are very common. In winter, hot soups and creams are preferred, as well as pasta, ravioli or lasagna, seafood and/or vegetables.

The main course

The second course at a wedding meal is usually traditionally meat, Although in recent years birds such as the pularda or hunting dogs such as the deer have also become popular. These are generally served with small sweet accompaniments and sauce to generate contrasts.

Those who opt for a vegetarian starter, on the other hand, usually opt for the fish as a main dish, with grouper, sole, sea bream, turbot or hake being the most chosen. Do you prefer to take a little risk? Opt for tuna, mackerel or croaker.

Wedding cake


The wedding cakes They continue to be the favorite dessert at weddings in our country, however there is a growing trend and that is to offer a dessert tasting. A sweet table where each guest can serve themselves what they like most.

Whatever type of menu you choose, tasting it is key. In the menu test you can see the quality and quantity of each dish and see how they work together. Don't put anything on the table you haven't tried! And let yourself be guided for the wedding meal by what you liked and surprised you.

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