Bezzia is a website that is part of the large AB Internet group. Our page is dedicated to the woman of today, an independent, hard-working woman with concerns. The purpose of Bezzia is to make available to the reader the latest news in fashion, beauty, health and maternity, among others.

The editors of our team are specialized in areas such as psychology, pedagogy, fashion and beauty or health. Despite their different professional branches, they all share a common goal, a passion for communication. Thanks to the Bezzia editorial team, in recent years our website has been reaching more and more readers. Our commitment is to continue growing and offering the best content.

El Bezzia editorial team It is made up of the following editors:

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  • Diana Millan

    Writer, translator, blogger and mother. I was born in Barcelona a few thirty years ago, long enough to become addicted to art, fashion, music and literature. Curious and somewhat reckless by nature, always alert not to miss anything that life offers us!


  • Maria vazquez

    Thirty years old and with some studies dedicated to the world of engineering, there are many passions that occupy my time. I had the opportunity to study one of them, music; As for the second, cooking, I am self-taught. Since I served as my mother's asshole, I remember enjoying this hobby that I can now share with you thanks to Actualidad Blog. I do it from Bilbao; I have always lived here, although I try to visit all the places that are possible for me to carry a backpack on my shoulder.

  • Susana godoy

    Since I was little I was clear that my thing was to be a teacher. Hence, I have a degree in English Philology. Something that can be perfectly combined with my passion for fashion, beauty or current affairs. If we add a little rock music to all this, we already have the full menu.

  • Maria Jose Roldan

    Mother, special education teacher, educational psychologist and passionate about writing and communication. Fan of decoration and good taste, I am always in continuous learning... making my passion and hobbies my job. You can visit my personal website to keep up to date with everything.

  • Tony Torres

    Looking for the best version of myself, I discovered that the key to a healthy life is balance. Especially when I became a mother and had to reinvent myself in my lifestyle. Resilience as a concept of life, adapting and learning is what helps me every day to feel better in my own skin. I am passionate about everything handmade, fashion and beauty accompany me in my day to day. Writing is my passion and for some years, my profession. Join me and I will help you find your own balance to enjoy a full and healthy life.

  • Alicia tomero

    Lover of cooking and baking, photographer and content writer. Bezzia gives me the opportunity to express myself in my work and open new horizons. What I am most passionate about is transmitting ideas, tricks and creating information to help people.

Former editors

  • Susana garcia

    With a degree in Advertising, what I like the most is writing. In addition, I am attracted to everything that is aesthetically pleasing and beautiful, which is why I am a fan of decoration, fashion and beauty tricks. I provide tips and ideas to make them useful to other people.

  • Carmen Guillen

    Psychology student, educational monitor and with multiple hobbies. One of my passions is writing and another is watching videos and reading everything related to beauty, makeup, trends, cosmetics, etc ... So this place is perfect since I can unleash what I like and mix both hobbies. I hope I can share with you what I know about the subject and that you, too, will help me to continue learning about this topic with your comments. Thanks for reading Bezzia.

  • Angela Villarejo

    Expert in social networks and Internet and fashion. I like to keep up with the latest news and tips on female beauty. If you want to be radiant, do not hesitate and follow me!

  • Eva alonso

    Blogger, designer, community manager ... restless and with many interests that bring me to my head. I am passionate about fashion, cinema, music ... and everything related to current affairs and trends. Galician on all four sides, I live in Pontevedra although I try to move as much as I can. I continue to study and learn every day, and I hope this new stage is just as rewarding.

  • Valeria sabater

    I am a psychologist and writer, I like to mix knowledge with art and the multiple possibilities of the imagination. As a person, I also like to feel good about myself, so here I am going to offer you many tips to be beautiful and at the same time good.

  • Eva Cornejo

    I was born in Malaga, where I grew up and studied, but currently I live in Valencia. I am a graphic designer by profession, although my passion for easy and healthy cooking has led me to dedicate myself to other things. A bad diet in my adolescence, led me to be interested in a healthier kitchen. From then on, I started writing my recipes on my blog "The Monster of Recipes", which is still more alive than ever. Now I have the opportunity to continue sharing more interesting recipes on other blogs thanks to Actualidad Blog.

  • Martha Crespo

    Hello! I am Marta, sociologist and passionate about children. I make videos about the toys that the little ones in the house like the most. In addition to being entertained for them, they will be able to acquire knowledge that will help them in their educational and socialization process, learning to relate to their family and their environment in a healthy and happy way.

  • Patrycja grzes

    Geek girl passionate about series, books and cats. Addicted to tea. I am a very Spanishized Polish woman who also loves fashion and I think I can bring a fresh and original point of view about it. Our rarities make us unique and we have to take advantage of them, our individuality is the key to our success and happiness.

  • Carmen Espigares placeholder image

    Psychologist, HR specialist and community manager. Granaína of all life and seeker of goals to achieve. Some of my hobbies? Sing in the shower, philosophize with my friends and see new places. An inveterate reader always ready to face new challenges with a smile planted on her face. Traveling, writing and learning are my great passions. In continuous training and an apprentice in life, because ... and what is that they call living if we do not soak up all that it offers us ...?

  • Irene Gil

    Crafts, crafts, creative recycling, original gifts, decoration, celebrations ... ALL HANDMADE.