Skin types and characteristics of each skin

skin types

Although the types of skin is something that is determined genetically, yes, it is the state of each type that can vary depending on different factors. For this reason, it does not hurt to know a little about our skin, its characteristics and even the best remedies so that you can always show off a perfect finish.

There are two types of emulsions: oil in water O/W or water in oil W/O by means of which the cutaneous biotype can be determined, since depending on the variations in the secretions it is possible to differentiate them. But we are going to translate all this in the terms that you know very well and that is what follows next.

Skin types: Eudermic or normal skin

We know it as normal skin and it includes all those that have good hydration, that is healthy and therefore balanced. Its surface will be smoother and smoother, in addition its color will be completely uniform and its brightness is moderate. Nor will the pores be seen with impurities or therefore clogged. So, to be able to take care of skin like this, you just have to make sure that it is always hydrated but not excessively. We can say that the care will be more basic where cleaning, toner, a little serum and hydration will be the basic steps of each day. Not because it needs care, but because we want to extend the one it already has. As a summary, we will say that it has a normal pH of 5.5. It is smooth, smooth, fine and with good wetting and lubrication, it resists temperature changes very well. It is the rarest and it is said that only children have this type of skin.

Characteristics of each skin type

Oily or seborrheic skin

This skin looks thickened, has dilated pores and color variations, sweat and sebaceous secretion is abundant. Which makes it look creamy, shiny and wet. It is well hydrated, tolerates changes in temperature and wrinkles much more slowly than other leathers. Yes, the excess of sebum is what leaves that shiny finish that we have mentioned, but not only that. Because it is also a skin where pimples and blackheads will camp freely. This type of skin has a tendency to form comedones, pimples, seborrhea, keratosis, seborrheic alopecia cysts, among other things. It must be said that it is quite sensitive and for its care you need non-oily products, that is, without oils. Wash the skin and apply a specific product for oily skin. Remember that cleaning it should be done twice a day and once a week, it will touch the exfoliation. Opt for a diet rich in fiber and natural foods, leaving aside fried or precooked foods.

Hydration for every skin type

Dry Skin

Among the most common skin types is dry skin. Its thickness is considerably reduced, the pores are barely perceptible, it has little secretion of sebum and sweat, it looks dull and poorly hydrated.. It is a skin that peels easily, does not tolerate changes in temperature. It feels tight, wrinkles easily, usually has hyperpigmentation, folds, keratosis pilaris and telangiectasias due to capillary fragility. Believe it or not, it is a very delicate skin and therefore, you need to take the utmost care of it. By all means you have to bet on moisturizers as well as masks. But inside, you should eat a lot of fresh fruit and of course, also drink a lot of water. Something that will help you and not only for dry skin. When cleaning it, remember that with micellar water, you will achieve incredible results.

Mixed skin

It is the most common of all, it is the conjunction of two or more biotypes in one face, Generally, this type of skin has the so-called “T” zone (forehead, nose and chin) that is oily and has pimples or pimples; the cheeks instead look drier. Therefore, when caring for another of the most common skin types, you do not need to buy products for each area of ​​the face. But there will be one that is special for all of her. Combining the exfoliating action with the moisturizing one, for example. So that the skin can look much more careful. Cleansing, toning, serum and moisturizing are important steps to take into account. What type of skin do you have?

Once you have determined the type of skin you have, you can choose the products that meet the needs of your skin, for example if you have a dry skin you will have to opt for cosmetics that provide hydration to the skin, and if on the contrary it is oily They will have to control excess sebum and provide water in case the skin is dehydrated.

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