Organize your home with the 20/10 method, know what it consists of

Clean the windows with vinegar.

If you want to know the best tips to clean your home, Always keep in mind the 20/10 method and if you don't know what it consists of, keep reading we will tell you next.

If you always have the feeling of cleaning your house and it is a "no-finish", we want you to learn what are the best habits that you can apply in your home so that your house is as organized as possible with almost no effort.

If you are one of the people who leaves cleaning for the weekend and what you are looking for is to have more time, and not use it to clean the house, we want you to know this 20/10 method to organize your home, you will know how it works and you will know why it is a success all over the world.

Rachel Hoffman is the creator of this cleaning system, a method that many people can carry out in their home to see it more organized and clean. It can be carried out by both students, As the personas that they live alone, the couples or families.

The difference from other more traditional disciplines with this method is that this method is adapted to all people, since regardless of the person's condition it can be carried out.

What is the 20/10 method?

Hoffman's proposal is simple, get rid of the endless cleaning days and change them for short periods of work alternated with descents. That is, this method asks us to clean for 20 minutes and rest for 10. 

To do this, you can look at the time and calculate the time, or directly use the stopwatch to make sure you strictly adhere to the minutes assigned to that job. During the remaining 10 minutes and restWe can check email, watch social networks, have tea or watch any video.

When the alarm goes off again, you will have to get to work again until everything is in order. You must keep your eye on the little things and not on the disorder in general, you have to go point by point.

Doing the laundry should be done weekly.

How can the 20/10 method be applied in cleaning the home?

If you want to carry out this method at home, here are some tips so that you can put it into practice whenever you have the chance.

Sometimes we sometimes see disorder as great chaos and that discourages us. You have to focus on small actions to move forward. 

Take a before photo and an after photo

If you take a photo at the beginning and end, you can clearly see that all your effort has been worth it and it will motivate you to continue the cleaning system.

Make the bed daily

Even if you think it is very cumbersome to do it every morning, it will bring you many more benefits, since it does not really take long to do it. It's so much more comforting to go back once that you are going to sleep in an orderly room not a disorganized bedroom.

Open the windows

The ventilation of the house is very important, you must ventilate every day to eliminate odors and bacteria. Especially in winter, when we forget to do it because it is cold outside.

Wash the dishes

Once you finish eating you should wash the dishes, although it is very normal for laziness to invade us and we want to do it later, however, that will be a mistake that many make. Try cleaning the dishes and pans once you've finished eating. In addition, the dirt on the dishes will be more difficult to remove and your kitchen will smell bad.

Clean your fridge

You should do a regular cleaning of your fridge to get rid of food that is going to expire, that is in bad condition, etc. You must clean the shelves thoroughly so that the refrigerator does not smell. Go through all the containers, even those hidden at the end that seem forgotten.

Clean all the compartments, put things back and put the ones you use the most in the most easily accessible areas.

Clean the space for the biggest space

If you start with small rooms, you run the risk of getting tired faster and not getting to clean the larger spaces that you use the most. If you finish first with the largest room, you will feel fulfilled and with more motivation to continue. 

Cleaning at home.

Start cleaning from top to bottom

One mistake that is made is to clean the floor first, and then the shelves. However, you should clean the highest cabinets with shelves down to the floor. So the dust and dirt that remains below you can then clean it without problem.

Pick up everything from the ground

If the floor is not tidy, it is the first thing to do. Pick up bags, shoes, whatever box you have in between, etc. When you start cleaning, try to keep everything in its place so that it does not get in the way during cleaning.

Benefits of the 20/10 method

We found other methods to tidy up the house, such as doing a cleaning marathon, which consists of not stopping cleaning and organizing until everything is in order. This, depending on the case and how big our house is, could cost us a whole day of cleaning.

The worst thing is that if we do it on our weekend, which is when we have more time, depending on our case, we could spend a lot of time cleaning and when the beginning of the week arrives we are exhausted.

Whenever we finish a cleaning marathon we are left with a negative feeling towards the task. Because no matter how hard we think about maintaining order, it usually happens that after time we end up carrying out that cleaning marathon.

Among the advantages it offers us this cleaning method 20/10, we should stay with the following:

  • We will keep the house clean by doing a little bit each day without stress., rather than letting clutter and dirt accumulate.
  • As it is an inclusive cleaning system, is suitable for people who suffer some kind of pain or physical disability.
  • Finally, we will create a good cleaning habit if we do it for a little while every day. Remember that you need 21 days to build a habit that you can then maintain on a daily basis.

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