Improve your physical condition with HIIT training

Do sports in company.

If you're thinking about start training with HIIT routines, this article will be of great help to you to understand this type of training a little.

This type of training has become very popular in recent years, and if we analyze what it consists of, we will understand much better why. Since it is a type of exercise that involves many aspects of the body. Here we tell you everything.

This training involves the best of sport, has as special characteristics:

  • It is short-lived. 
  • It helps to tone whole body.
  • Promotes more strength and endurance. 
  • Fits all levels.
  • You do not need to practice the exercise as a team. 

The versatility of this sport makes it an excellent workout option to do at home. The exercises must be performed in the correct manner and taking the necessary precautions to avoid injury.

We started ... What is HIIT?

These acronyms mean «High Intensity Interval Training«, That if we translate it into Spanish it would mean High Intensity Interval Training. In this sense, we find a large number of programs and ways to perform this type of training, but the basis is always the same.

The characteristic is to subject the body to short periods of great physical effort with short periods of rest. Thus, the person who performs it must be able to give their maximum effort in each exercise since at the end it has a few seconds to recover.

Knee squats

Types of HIIT training

  • Tabata: it is one of the best known methods. This training consists of performing 8 sets of 4 minutes. In each set, the person must perform the maximum number of repetitions that is possible of a group of exercises. For this, you must make the effort for 20 seconds and rest for 10, so on consecutively until completing the 4 minutes.
  • Peter Coe: It is used as training for an Olympic athlete. Sprints of 200 meters are done and then rest for 30 seconds.
  • Timmons: In this type of training, bicycles should be incorporated, since it consists of three cycles where you pedal gently for 2 minutes and then for 20 seconds at full speed with maximum effort.
  • Little-Gibala: It is known to be one of the most demanding because you must reach an effort of 100% of the capacity for 60 seconds and then rest for the next 75 seconds. The combination should be repeated 8 to 12 times.

These types of training are the most recognized in terms of HIIT, however, we can find other types of training that can also be used for almost any exercise:

  • One minute of exercise and one minute of rest.
  • One minute of exercise and 30 seconds of rest.
  • 45 seconds of exercise and 45 seconds of rest.

What are the benefits of HIIT?

After the emergence of this type of training, certain studies have been carried out over time to solidly determine the benefits and benefits that can grant us performing this type of routines.

The results have been quite satisfactory. Among the benefits we found, these are the ones that we highlight the most:

  • Increase capacity aerobics and the anaerobic.
  • Improve our resistance cardiorespiratory.
  • Promotes the pérdida peso due to high caloric intake.
  • Cut Back that stress levels. 
  • Promotes the gain of muscle mass. 
  • Constant improvement our body composition in less time.
  • Increase VO2 Max. 

In less time, more performance

They are very effective training routines to be done in such a short period of time, an average of 20 minutes. For that reason, they are ideal for people who do not have a lot of time to train. 

Accelerates metabolism

These exercises have been shown to speed up the body's metabolism. Therefore it is ideal for the body to burn fat stores. 

Weight and fat loss

This type of training does allow you to lose weight, although many people believe otherwise. It is the combination of aerobic and anaerobic intervals that allows athletes to burn fat and lose body weight.

Effective kettlebell for weight loss.

Increase our muscle mass

These exercises allow you to work other muscle groups that remain in the background in other activities, for this reason, in sessions with weights and gym equipment they lead in most cases to an increase in muscle mass.

Improve our health

As in other sports, HIIT has a significant impact on our body and our cardiovascular health, The practice of sport combined with healthy, active lifestyle habits and a varied diet is the key to face our day to day with energy.

Flee from sedentary practices, you must activate your body and increase caloric expenditure to the maximum so that your body achieves that deficit and you can achieve the desired weight. 

HIIT routines for you to do at home according to your level

HIIT for beginners

  1. If you have bike At home, you can perform the Timmons method: pedal for 2 minutes at a light-moderate intensity and then 20 seconds giving your maximum effort. Repeat this routine 3 times. 
  2. Do these exercises for 1 minute each, with one minute of rest each. Repeat the series 4-5 times.
    1. Kneeling elevation.
    2. Displants.
    3. Jumping Jacks
    4. Squats
    5. Leg elevation, to do abdomen.
    6. The bicycle, to strengthen the abdomen.

HIIT for intermediate level

  1. Do these exercises for one minute each, with one minute of rest, you can do 5 or 6 sets. 
    1. Vertical jumps.
    2. Mountain climbers.
    3. Jump squat.
    4. Chair bottoms.
    5. Jumping Jacks
    6. Griddle.
  2. Jump rope for one minute and rest 30 seconds. Repeat 10 times.

HIIT advanced level

  1. You should do the following exercises for one minute each, taking a minute of rest between each of them. Repeat the series between 6 and 8 times. 
    1. Jump rope.
    2. Burpees.
    3. Mountain climbers.
    4. Mountain jumps.
    5. Knee lift.
    6. Griddle.
  2. Tabata, which will consist of 8 sets of 4 minutes each. The set consists of the following exercises, and you will have to do them for 20 seconds while you rest for 10 seconds.
    1. Mountain climbers.
    2. Push ups.
    3. Burpees.
    4. Jump squats.

If you're looking to add a pinch of effort to your routine, do not hesitate to look at these HIIT exercises to be able to achieve your ideal weight. 

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