How to take care of mature skin

routine for mature skin

Mature skin requires more specific contributions so that it can maintain its luminous and cared-for finish.. Because when we reach a certain age, we can notice that the skin becomes drier, expression lines and wrinkles begin to appear among many other details that will make us see the skin completely dull.

Therefore, nothing like following a series of steps in the form of care. A perfect way to have healthier skin, although we cannot stop the passage of time, but we can keep ourselves more jovial for a longer time. So, don't miss out on all these open secrets that you must give every day to achieve it. Are you ready for it?

Collagen Moisturizers

It is true that in all times and ages, we need to bet on hydration as one of the great bases. Because with it, we will make our skin look more elastic and we will be giving it the necessary water to make it look smoother, without wrinkles. So in mature skin it is something vital. But in addition to choosing moisturizers, they should also contain collagen. Because we already know that we will lose it over time, but it is always necessary. By hydrating and regenerating the skin we will be able to avoid certain problems such as infections or the dreaded dermatitis.

take care of mature skin

Mature skin should be cleaned twice a day

It is also another of the steps that all skin types must take. Because cleaning is always necessary to be able to say goodbye to the toxins that accumulate in it, even if we don't see them. So, both in the morning and at night before going to bed, must be one of those routines to consider. You can apply a little fresh water, as well as a toner or facial cleanser. It does not matter if you put on makeup or not, we insist again that it is one of those vital steps that you must take.

The serum after daily cleansing

If there is a product that gives us the best results, this is the serum. Surely you already have it at home, but if not, it must be said that you cannot miss it. Because after cleaning, what the serum will do is provide hydration at the same time that it will control the spots and also the wrinkles. Two of the main reasons for concern in our skin. Also, it should be mentioned that you can buy several types of serum depending on the problem you want to attack. Since if it is wrinkles, then remember that it must contain hyaluronic acid. Or, the serum that has vitamin C to add an extra dose of vitamins and luminosity.

Mature face creams

Exfoliating masks

To take care of mature skin we cannot forget about exfoliation. It is true that you can create a homemade scrub based on moisturizer and a tablespoon of sugar. But if you prefer, you will also find them in different formats. The exfoliating masks They are one of the best and fastest options. With them you will oxygenate the skin, clean it and remove all kinds of impurities. But at the same time you are taking care of her to the fullest. At a minimum, it is advisable that you exfoliate your skin once a week. After that, you know that a little moisturizer is not too much.

Don't forget about food!

It is true that external skin care is something basic and necessary. But we can not forget the interior either. Because the latter is one of the great aids that we have available. Fresh foods like fruits or vegetables They are always the great foundation of our health. Something that is usually seen reflected in our skin. So the union of all these steps will lead to a more careful and perfect skin.

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