How to restore an old dresser step by step

Restoring an old dresser

Restoring an old dresser is a suitable project for anyone, because with few resources you can transform an old or rickety piece of furniture, in an essential piece in your home. Antique furniture has a special charm, shapes, details, materials and designs that have nothing to do with the straight and minimalist lines that are worn now.

Therefore, having a piece with a hearth among your furniture can completely transform any corner. In addition, doing it is very easy and you do not need to have too much DIY knowledge for it. With a few materials, a little patience, and these tips, you can restore an antique dresser to a special piece of furniture. Sure that before even finishing you will be thinking about the next project.

Restoring an old chest of drawers, the choice of materials

Update an antique piece of furniture

Before starting your project you should get some materials. You will need to analyze the furniture first, though generally old pieces have very similar characteristics. You will need a tool to sand down the paint and prepare the furniture for painting. You can also get new hardware and handles to update your dresser. You can even use paper or fabric to line the inside of the drawers.

If the dresser has been damaged, you will need a product with which to fill the wood and cover the damage. These are usually in the corners, the legs and the bottom of the furniture. In DIY stores you can find all the necessary products to restore your old dresser. Finally, you will need a product to clean and disinfect the furniture, the best, cheapest and most ecological, cleaning white vinegar.

Steps to restore an antique dresser

Paint an old piece of furniture

The first thing we have to do is prepare the dresser before starting the restoration. Between the wood fibers can be lodged insects, bacteria and fungi that in addition to compromising the life of the furniture, can put health at risk. To clean and disinfect the furniture you just have to prepare a mixture of white cleaning vinegar and water.

Use a cotton cloth and rub the furniture very well to remove dirt. If necessary, repeat with clean water until completely clean. Let it dry completely before proceeding with the following steps. When the wood is dry, it is time to restore any possible damage. If you have to fill small gaps, use a wood repair putty.

Next we have to sand the entire furniture very well to remove the varnish or old enamel. Otherwise, the new paint will not adhere well to the dresser. You can perform this step by hand or with an electric sander, although the easiest and fastest way is to use this easy-to-use tool. When you're done, wipe the entire surface with a damp cloth to thoroughly remove dust and sanding residue from the furniture.

Painting and decorating to restore an antique dresser

Once we have the old dresser clean, with the defects fixed and well sanded, it is time for the most fun task, the decoration. In the market you can find an infinite number of products to paint a wooden furniture, such as chalk effect paint that leaves an aged look with hints of modernity. With pastel colors and a very special optical effect, this type of paint is the best option if you want to preserve the personality of the furniture.

When you have the dresser well painted and dry, you will only have to place a few small details to finish restoring it. New, highly polished handles will add the ideal touch to a completely renovated piece of furniture. You can also change the hardware if they are too rusted or in poor condition. It is an easy job to do and it won't take you more than a few minutes.

Finally, add small elements with which you can get a fully functional dresser. You will only have to line the inside of the drawers with adhesive paper, upholstery fabric, or easy-to-clean vinyl paper. This way you can also avoid pests and other unwanted visitors that find their ideal place in wood and in the fibers of clothing.

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