How to remove warts

Wart on neck

There are many people who have warts and what is a problem for them, although only genital warts are really a health problem. The rest of the warts constitute a cosmetic problem. It is a very widespread problem and therefore we are going to see how they can be avoided and also how we can eliminate them if they have already appeared in the body.

Know a little more about warts It will help us treat the problem and prevent more from appearing in the body. If you follow these tips you can end up with those annoying warts that are not very aesthetic. It is also a problem that in the vast majority of cases can be prevented.

What are warts

Companies that warts are a skin lesion that usually appear due to human papillomavirus infection. This virus causes certain epithelial cells to overgrow, giving rise to warts. However, there are several hundred different types of warts, so this can be a tricky subject. Almost all warts are harmless to our health and are often of cosmetic concern. The only warts that can be harmful are the genitals, since they are related to a type of cancer, and can be spread through sexual contact. It also talks about the common warts that usually appear on the hands, the flat warts, which appear on the face and forehead, the nails that appear on the nails and the soles, which appear on the soles of the feet.

How to prevent warts

Many of the warts can be prevented but others not, since it can be done naturally and without our being able to avoid it. In fact there are people who are much more prone to warts than others. Anyway, a lot of warts They usually appear due to the lowering of the defenses. To prevent our defenses from lowering, we must eat well, lead a quiet life with a regular schedule, and flee from stress.

On the other hand, warts can also be spread by contact. That is, whether we are the ones who have warts or if someone else has them, we must avoid touching them and if we do we must wash our hands immediately to avoid contagion of these warts on our skin.

Natural medicine

There are some natural remedies that can help the wart not grow or look bad, although they can hardly be eliminated. Aloe vera has a regenerating effect on the skin and is often used on it to cure all kinds of problems. It can improve our skin although it does not usually end with warts.

It is possible to use essential oils that help the skin to be in better condition. The tea tree oil It is one of them, since it is also perfect for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, helping to reduce or avoid those warts.

Remove warts


Once warts have appeared on the skin there are a few methods that can be used to eliminate them, although they do not have to do with natural remedies. The usual thing should be to go to a specialist to assess the type of wart and to find the best way to eliminate it. One of the methods that used is cryosurgery, in which liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the wart and make it fall off without damaging the surrounding skin. It is usually done in several sessions.

Another method consists of apply salicylic acid on the wart. To be effective, it must be applied several times a day for weeks after cleansing the skin.

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