How to make a fabric headboard for the bed

Fabric headboard

Decorating the house with fabrics is the best way to bring warmth and warmth to all rooms. It even allows you the possibility of renovating the decoration easily, with a few small changes and a minimum economic investment. Because you do not need to be an expert seamstress, or have the best tools with which to sew, since today there are very useful alternatives to create all kinds of elements with fabrics.

In this case we are going to create a fabric headboard for the bed, a decorative piece that will also be very useful. When you want to spend some time reading before bed or if you want to lie down to watch TV, you will not need to have more cushions. Since your own headboard will help you lie down without having to go around placing the cushions afterwards. A very practical, decorative and easy to make two in one.

How to make a fabric headboard

How to make a headboard for the bed

The easiest way to create a fabric headboard is to have a sewing machine. It is a very simple seam that you can do even if you are not an expert seamstress. Too you can get a handheld sewing machine, a fairly inexpensive tool with which you can make small arrangements and create simple things like this.

Lastly, you always have the option to sew by hand. Although the result will not be the same as that obtained with machine sewing, It is still a craft work and any difference will be what makes it special. With very basic seams and a lot of patience, you can create your totally personalized fabric headboard.

Necessary materials

First we will have to measure the wall to take the necessary measurements of the materials. Generally, the headboard should measure the same as the bed or a few centimeters more, although being a totally handmade element you can choose the measure you want. For a single bed, the most appropriate thing is to make a single cushion as a headboard. When it comes to a large bed, we can choose between making one or two pieces.

For a 90 centimeter bed these are the materials we will need.

  • Canvas fabric, with body and resistance to last a long time. The final measurements will be 1 meter wide by 80 centimeters high. So we will need two pieces of fabric 1,20 centimeters wide by 1 meter high, these measurements take into account the seam allowances.
  • Soap sewing kit or marker.
  • Scissors.
  • Needle and thread or sewing machine.
  • Un metro
  • A curtain rod of the necessary measure and some supports to anchor the bar to the wall.
  • Fiber filling for cushions.
  • 4 botones large.

Steps to create a handmade fabric headboard

Decorate with fabrics

  • First we are going to take measurements on the fabrics. We draw a rectangle with the exact measurement and another with about 5 centimeters of margin for the seams. This will help us when sewing if we are not very expert in these matters.
  • We cut the fabric by the outer margin.
  • Before joining the pieces we are going to finish the edges of the fabrics with an overcastThis way we will prevent them from fraying.
  • Now we are going to create a hem on one of the sides of the width, ensuring that they are very beautiful.
  • We go on to sew the pieces of fabric, for this we face them and sew on the 3 remaining sides. Leaving the part where we have made the hem without joining.
  • We turn it over and pass the plate through the seams so that they are very smooth.
  • Now we are going to create some belt loops, in this case we will need 4 for a measurement of one meter wide. The measurements will be 20 centimeters long by 8 wide. We leave seam allowance, we cut the pieces of fabric, we overcast the edges and sew the opposite pieces, leaving one side unstitched. We turn the piece over, pass the plate and sew the missing side.
  • To finish the belt loops let's make some buttonholes, you can use your sewing machine or make them by hand.
  • We place the loops on the fabric To know where to place the buttons, make sure they are all the same distance.
  • Now we sew the buttons in the cloth envelope.
  • We sew the belt loops on one of its sides to the back of the fabric headboard.
  • We close with the buttons and we fill the headboard with the fiber for cushions.

We already have the finished fabric headboard, we only have to place the supports for the curtain rod on the wall. Insert the bar through the loops on the headboard and place it on your bed. In an afternoon of sewing you will have your new headboard ready to give a different air to your bedroom.

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