Benefits of wearing painted nails

painted nails

Hands can be a good cover letter When it comes to doing job interviews, meeting new people, going to an important appointment, be it work or personal, therefore we must have both well-kept and hydrated hands and healthy and beautiful nails.

It is true that well-cut nails (not excessively long, not too short), well filed and with a simple layer of shine, in addition to giving the appearance of a well-cared person, are also quite formal and serious when going to, for example, a work appointment. But we must not do without wearing them painted. We will simply have to choose a color as successful as possible and do all of the above, taking care of its appearance.

Next, we will tell you the benefits of wearing painted nails and we will also tell you how to paint your nails without making novice mistakes.

Reasons to wear painted nails

Attentive to the number of benefits of painting your nails:

  1. It is usually recommended for those women who bite their nails. As they are painted, the temptation will be the same but the action will decrease, since if they bite them they will take some enamel, which does not have a very pleasant taste.
  2. Enamel hardens: If your nails are fragile and brittle, try painting your nails normally, you will see how little by little they will become stronger and more resistant.
  3. Make that your hands look prettier and more feminine. As we said before, you just have to find the colors that suit your skin tone and wear them well taken care of at all times.
  4. Some enamels and 'top coats' they usually go vitaminized and with calcium, which will help to "feed" your nail with what it needs.
  5. You can wear a 'look' different nail on every occasion and event. There are countless nail decorations that you can make, you just have to combine the colors with your daily outfit and that's it. Nails painted correctly and with the right colors can be another complement to our look.

Porcelain nails3

Homemade tricks to have enviable nails

To have beautiful and healthy nails you don't have to spend a lot of money. In our own home we can get by with many things of daily use to make our nails, our best letter of introduction. Here are some homemade tricks that you can do from today:

Milk and lemon

  • Cut the lemon in half.
  • Squeeze each of its parts to turn them into juice.
  • Take a clean container, pour the lemon juice inside and mix it with the milk.
  • Insert the nails inside and let them soak for a few 10 or 15 minutes.
  • After that time, take them out of the milk with lemon and dry them very well to avoid the appearance of fungi.
  • Milk and lemon will strengthen the nails and, in addition, will remove stains and they will leave them white and very pretty.
  • However, for this home beauty trick to be effective it is necessary to be consistent and repeat the process two to three times a week, minimum. Although if you want to have beautiful nails, and that the result is totally optimal, you should put it into practice everyday and be patient.
  • Remember that, if you are constant, showing off perfect hands and a magnificent manicure will be very easy. Show off your pretty nails!

painted-nails 2

Sugar, olive oil and lemon

  • The first step to carry out will be to cut the lemon in two and squeeze one of its halves.
  • Once you have extracted all the lemon juice, put it in a clean container.
  • Then add the sugar and olive oil and stir everything very well until it forms a kind of paste.
  • Use the compound to massage your nails.
  • Focus on the area of cuticles to soften them and beautify your hands to the maximum.
  • Massage the area with gentle circular motions for a few 5 minutes.
  • After that time, remove the mixture using plenty of warm water and dry your hands very well for the appearance of fungus.
  • The sugar will soften the cuticles, the lemon will whiten your nails and the olive oil will hydrate them to the maximum.
  • Put this homemade beauty trick into practice once or twice a week and showing off your beautiful hands and nails will become something of the simplest.

How to paint your nails in a few simple steps

To paint nails it is only necessary to have a protective base, a suitable nail polish and a lot of patience to let it dry, but prior to this process we have to do a few previous steps. Here we tell you how to paint nails without having much experience in it:

  1. Remove cuticles and hydrate them.
  2. Next, file the nails into the desired shape (square, rounded or spike) and remove any remaining dirt using a cotton ball moistened with a little nail polish remover.
  3. Apply a coat of clear enamel or hardener, since with this you will be able to strengthen the nails and the enamel, in addition to not reaching the cuticles when it is extended, it will remain intact for much longer.
  4. Apply the polish on the nails, it is important that you do it from the middle and spread it vertically. Follow one direction and you will see how you will look completely smooth and well painted nails. It is advisable not to use enamels that are too old, as these will only create thick layers and leave clumps. Ideally, apply two coats: the first very thin, and the second somewhat thicker.
  5. Apply a clear nail polish to make your manicure last longer. This way you will avoid fixing them the next day.

Stop playing those nail painting games that can be seen online and and on the mobile and practice with your own nails. The nail games They do not require skill, in reality they do, so the sooner you practice, the sooner you will be better at it.

Here are some pictures of painted nails May they inspire you for your next manicure. Which nails will you dare with first? Hands or feet? Whatever, patience and a lot of care.

Photos painted nails 4 nail-painted feet

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