Anemia: other symptoms you should be aware of


It is true that when we think of anemia we relate it to tiredness or fatigue. But surely you know that there is another series of symptoms that we must take into account. So, nothing like listing them, because perhaps they are less frequent but even so, we must take them into account before we get scared thinking about other reasons.

Anemia is one of the most common blood disorders, in which red blood cells are not enough to carry oxygen. Hence, fatigue is one of the first symptoms we take into account. But there are more and of course they are also important. Discover all the ones you should take into account!

Skin paler than usual

It is clear that when we are tired or don't feel like doing anything, this can also be reflected in our face. Therefore, when there is something that does not work in a totally correct way in our body, it will come out. Hence, in this case, one of the symptoms that can also make us suspect anemia is paler skin than usual. Above all, it will be noticeable around the eyes, since the skin is more sensitive there and it will stop having the color of always. Just by looking at it you will realize that something is happening. Of course, nothing like a blood test to find out.

Eat ice

Craving ice can be a symptom of anemia

Come to think of it, cravings aren't always destined for sweet or salty things. They can be the most varied, because in this case it seems that this rule is followed. It is true that it is not a symptom that always occurs, but it must be taken into account. If at any given moment you feel like getting up to the fridge but to go to the freezer for ice, it is also an indicator that something can happen in your body. The reason is not well known, but it is related to anemia. Similarly, it is also said that the craving to eat dirt is another one that can appear. Incredible but true!

Restless legs syndrome

It is true that if we think about the syndrome itself, there is no clear answer as to why it appears. It is believed that it is because dopamine is not balanced and therefore the muscles cannot be controlled. It is true that this is a problem that affects many people. But in that case it's a little different. Because if you don't have this problem, but yes appears and notices strange sensations in the legs, with the urge to have to move them, then we can mention that anemia has come into your life. This is because you are lacking in iron. But again we insist that there is nothing like going to your doctor for an analysis.

Symptoms of anemia

Confusion or lightheadedness

Of course it is an uncomfortable feeling, but before thinking about other ills, we have to say that it can also be anemia. It is also derived from lack of vitamins such as B12 or vitamin C and even folic acid. The first that we have named is necessary to have a much healthier nervous system. So if we do not have this type of vitamins, then we will have a reduced ability to concentrate and even remember.

Cold hands and feet can be a symptom of anemia

Another possible symptom is always have cold hands and feet. Of course, it will not always lead us to talk about anemia, but we must take it into account. As there will be fewer red blood cells, these will be necessary to carry out important tasks in the body and will neglect others that are not considered as such. Hence, they will not reach the hands or feet, which will always be cold.

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