How to prevent children from eating too much sugar on Halloween night


There is no doubt that sweets and knick-knacks They are one of the highlights of Halloween night. There are many children who go to neighbors' houses in disguise in search of the much-desired sweets. The fact is that you have to watch their consumption since they are not healthy at all.

In the following article we give you a series of tips to prevent children from overdoing it. regarding the intake and consumption of sweets and sweets.

Tips to prevent children from gorging themselves on candy on Halloween night

Offer healthy alternatives

Not everything has to be trinkets and sweets on the scariest night of the year. You can replace the aforementioned sweets or sweets with healthier products. as is the case with fruit or nuts.

Moderate the consumption of sweets

Children do not need to eat all the sweets at once as if there were no tomorrow. Its consumption must be rationalized and get them to eat it in some moderation. To achieve this, it is good to talk to children about this topic and make them aware of the consumption of sweets.

Alternative activities

Halloween night should not be reduced to eating candy and sweets collected from homes. It is good for parents to offer alternative activities when celebrating the aforementioned Halloween night. Apart from dressing up and asking for sweets and candy at neighbors' houses, they can do various crafts, play board games or watch scary movies with the family.


Why it is important to monitor sugar consumption in children

Despite being the star product of the terrifying Halloween night, we must remember that sweets and sweets are high in sugars and contain a large number of calories. These are products that are quite harmful to health, which is why parents must monitor their consumption.

Excessive intake of sweets can cause serious problems with your teeth, as is the case with cavities. Therefore, we should not give free rein when it comes to the consumption of the aforementioned sweets. Unfortunately, it is quite normal to see how the next day many children suffer from nausea and indigestion caused by excessive consumption of sweets.

What is the recommended amount of sugar for children and adolescents?

The WHO advises reducing sugar consumption for children to less than 10% of daily calorie intake. If this reduction reaches 5%, such intake could bring certain health benefits. In the case of children under two years old, it must be indicated that they should not take added sugars, so it is completely prohibited for them to eat sweets and sweets.

In the case of children over two years of age and adolescents, the WHO advises limiting sugar consumption to approximately 25 grams per day. This amount will be equivalent about 5 or 6 teaspoons a day. In any case, it is good for parents to review the nutritional information of the sweets and sweets that their children are going to eat. This way it is much easier to control the amount of sugar that minors will consume.

In short, Halloween night is characterized, among other things, by the amount of sweets and candy that children eat. It is tradition to go house to house, collecting sweets and trinkets. At the end of the night there is a count of them and many children gorge themselves on such sweets. That is why parents must control the intake of sweets at all times to prevent children from consuming more sugar than necessary.

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