7 mistakes we make in the morning that can ruin our health

Don't turn off the alarm clock.

In the mornings we can make certain mistakes without realizing that they can ruin a good morning routine and the consecutive hours of the day, if you want to know how to avoid it, keep reading our article.

Waking up is very important, as it can determine how our rest of the day will go. We are not always going to wake up in a good mood and maybe as soon as you open your eyes there is something that torments you, however, we have to Avoid those negative thoughts and start with the best possible routine.

As we say, the first awakening of each day largely determines how the rest of our day will be. All the activities with which we accompany during the morning are very decisive to know if we are meeting healthy goals or not.

In this article we want to tell you what the 7 errors most common that people do when they wake up and start their day, as they can make the routine very ruined and harmful to the person.

These are the mistakes you should avoid in the morning

Mornings can get complicated for us and they can get very difficult. Most people get up just in time, all their minutes are busy, and they can have some stress when they just woke up.

Depending on the activities that will take place during the day, whether to go to work, help a sick family member or go to class, It is essential to know that the first hours of the day can mark a level of positivism or pessimism that could affect our attitude. Everything will depend on avoiding these mistakes.

Don't delay the alarm

It is a very widespread habit and many people do it. When the alarm sounds and we have to get up, we need a little more time in bed, however, this is a very harmful act for our body, because turning the clock back even 5 minutes, makes us relax too much and really fall asleep. 

Wake up and stay in bed

Another habit and increasingly widespread, is that once we are awake we stay in bed. What we should do is that once we wake up and open our eyes, we must get up immediately. 

If we stay in bed tossing and turning, grab the mobile phone, the computer or turn on the television, it is not the best way to start our day. It is important to go out to stretch, stretch your legs and start the day with a good breakfast.

It is important to go to sleep early.

Having negative thoughts and moods

Lack of sleep can be closely associated with feelings of stress, fatigue, depression or anxiety. When we cannot sleep well, when we wake up we can have harmful and negative thoughts towards ourselves. It is possible that you do not like your work, or that the teacher is making your life impossible or maybe you have an exam and you have not studied enough, all these thoughts will have a great impact on our day.

On the other hand, if you face your awakening with another tune, more optimistic, positive and joyful, even if there is something that you do not feel like doing, you will have a better day, even if it takes a little effort.


If you rush a lot in the morning, it's not good to rush because rushing is never good. Being anxious, desperate can lead to catastrophic results. We can have an accident and a bad setback if we are not careful, such as throwing a glass, burning ourselves making coffee or dropping our cell phone in the toilet.

Sometimes You may feel some anxiety when you wake up and you may think that it is late, and do things very quickly. If you take this routine in such a hurry, what you will achieve is to arrive at your job exhausted and tired.

Not having breakfast

If you do not eat breakfast and take it as a routine, you will be making a serious mistakeYou must have breakfast both because mothers and studies always said it.

Breakfast gives you the energy you need to face the rest of the day, it is the first meal after the overnight fast, hence it is called breakfast. You have to organize the time so that you can have the breakfast you deserve.

Many people are not hungry as soon as they wake up, so we always recommend leaving some time in the morning, to have time to get ready, shower and have breakfast without rushing.

To procrastinate

Procrastination is the practice or habit of leaving everything for later, always delaying the tasks that we have to do at a given moment for later. This is done by a lot of people, too many. It is a very common habit and we could say that it is characteristic of the human being.

What we must learn is to distinguish the necessary tasks from the indispensable ones. For example, it is important to talk with our loved ones on the phone, but these calls should not make us stop eating breakfast for example.

The problem of procrastinating not only occurs in the morning, this can be carried over to the day before in which, for example, you wanted to iron the clothes that you were going to wear the next day and now you don't have them ready. On the other hand, if you got up late and wanted to do it during the morning it will be impossible due to lack of time.

Having a very long or complicated routine

The morning routine should not be prolonged too much, since we would start the day very hurried and we would end up exhausted, so we have to divide our responsibilities throughout the day to be able to be well and calm.

Girl waking up joyful.

Avoid these mistakes

If you want to avoid these errors, we leave you some small tips so that you can develop them without problems.

  • Schedule a routine in the morning and don't skip it.
  • You should prepare things the night before so that your day is much more planned.
  • Go to bed early and try not to stay up late.
  • Get up earlier, maybe those 15 minutes that you have more are perfect for having breakfast or leaving the room organized.
  • Think positive and not negative thoughts.

It is essential to have a good routine when we wake up, as it will determine the day we have. We hope you take these mistakes into account and try not to make them.

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