3 tricks to make the house smell good

Get the house to smell good

A good home smelling is essential to enjoying a clean and welcoming home environment. To achieve this, it is necessary to maintain good hygiene and cleanliness in each room of your home. But just cleaning is not enough, since sometimes some are committed errors that do not allow the house to be completely sanitized. To make sure that the house always smells good, you can follow some tricks.

And it is not about camouflaging bad smells with air fresheners or artificial perfumes. The key is in cleanliness, in the daily ventilation of the house and in a detail that is often overlooked, in the way of cleaning. If you want to make the house smell good, we will tell you some of them right away tips to achieve it in an easy, simple and durable way.

That the house that smells good begins with good ventilation

Coming home after a long hard day at work is what it takes to get a proper rest. But if the house is not clean, there is no good smell or there is a bad organization, it is more difficult to enjoy the state of well-being that a home should offer. Good ventilation is the key to making the house smell good and it is not necessary to have the windows open all day.

Opening the windows for 15 to 20 minutes in the morning is sufficient. Open the bed to air the sheets before making the bed. Find a current to achieve cross ventilation, this will be much more effective. With this simple daily gesture you will be able to eliminate bad odors from the rooms.

House cleaning and cleaning supplies

Cleaning at home

There is no use spending hours cleaning if you do not spend time sanitizing cleaning tools. The scouring pads and cloths of the kitchen, the mop, the broom or any of the utensils that are usually used to clean. All these tools keep remnants and residues that if not cleanedThey also generate bad odors, bacteria, fungi and microorganisms that are harmful to health.

To avoid this, you have to sanitize all cleaning utensils frequently, if possible after each use. So when you have to reuse those materials to clean, you will have them in perfect condition to leave the house clean and without bad odors. A dirty mop, a cloth with food residues or a broom with residues from the floor, only serve to distribute the dirt more. Avoid double work with just keep your cleaning products always ready.

Tricks to get a good smell at home

Scented candles

In addition to daily ventilation and cleaning, you can use a few tricks to keep your house smelling good every time. Yes indeed, avoid chemicals with false odors because you will only be able to camouflage and not eliminate the cause of the bad smell. Instead you can try one of these tricks:

  • Prepare a spray container and mix water with fabric softener. Every day before making the bed, spray the sheets with this mixture so that the bed always smells like freshly washed.
  • Fabric sachets with dried flowers. Lavender is perfect although you can also use potpourri and a few drops of your favorite scent. Place the scented cloth sachets inside the closets, between clean bedding and even in corners of your home such as the entrance to your house.
  • Bicarbonate in tissues. Carpets and thick fabrics such as those on the sofa are difficult to wash and tend to accumulate a lot of dirt, which generates bad odors. Once a week, spray dry baking soda on the carpet and sofa. The next morning you just have to vacuum and bicarbonate it will take away the bad smells.

All these tips will help you keep the house odor-free. But you can also use solutions that are also decorative, such as scented candles, scent burners or dried flowers. With small gestures you will get a more welcoming home where you can rest and enjoy your temple of peace.

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