How to store and preserve your cosmetic products

Preserve cosmetics

The productos cosméticos they don't last forever. We know that they spoil, and that they can accumulate bacteria if we do not take care of them. That is why in addition to using them correctly we must learn to keep them so that they are well preserved. Keeping them in perfect condition is as important as knowing how to use them properly.

Al save and preserve In the best way, cosmetics will not only last much longer, but will also be more careful with our own health. So check all your cosmetics and the way you store them to see if it is the most suitable.

Cosmetics to keep in the fridge

Preserve creams

There are many products that work better if we put them in the fridge, in the cold. The eye contour creams and masks for this area are perfect to keep in the fridge. Not only because of its assets, but because it is a cold effect, it will help reduce inflammation in this delicate area and improve circulation. In the same sense, creams to activate the circulation of the legs should be put in the refrigerator, because this way their effect is greater.

All products that have retinol and vitamin C They will keep much better in the fridge, since the cold means that these assets do not decompose so easily, and that without counting the pleasant sensation of freshness for the face, which helps us to reduce inflammation in the morning.

The masks and products that are totally naturalEither the ones we make at home or those from natural cosmetic brands like Lush, which have totally natural ingredients that can spoil quickly once the jars are opened. So use the fridge to preserve them better.

Another thing that can last longer if we keep it in the fridge are the enamels. These keep much better in cold places, so it can be an option for your favorite polishes, those that you want to last until the last drop.

Cosmetics to keep in a cool place

Preserve makeup

The vast majority of cosmetics should be kept in cool places for normal conservation. Make-up bases, creams and liquids in general. They should not be exposed to sources of extreme heat or cold, avoiding putting them near a radiator. It is also important that they are not exposed to sunlight, which can easily damage them. A dark and cool place is always better. Perfumes and organic products should also be kept in a cool place without direct sunlight. They have an expiration date and over time lose effectiveness, but the truth is that they can be better preserved in these conditions.

Cosmetics to be stored in a dry place

Preserve makeup

There are some cosmetics that should be kept in dry places. Those who have a powdery consistency It is essential that they are kept away from humid places so that the smoothness and texture are not lost, or they will be easily damaged. On the other hand, makeup sponges must also be in a dry place, or else bacteria can proliferate on them. The same happens with brushes, especially if we have just washed them and they have to dry.

Cleaning cosmetics

In addition to keeping cosmetics in a suitable place so that they are preserved much better, it is essential that we learn to clean them properly. In the case of enamels, you must pass a cotton ball with acetone so that the bottle does not stick to the thread. On the other hand, sponges and brushes should be cleaned frequently, ideally after each use, to avoid skin infection problems. If you have any wounds or pimples that can become infected, take care of the hygiene of these products to avoid problems.

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