Do you suffer from blancorexia? The obsession with having white teeth

Girl brushes her teeth to have whiter teeth.

Do you know what blancorexia is? In this article we tell you what exactly it consists of, how you can avoid suffering from an obsession with having white teeth, and what are the best recommendations to have white teeth but without endangering your dental health.

Blancorexia is very present in today's society, because that obsession with having white teeth can cause people to perform extreme treatments to have them whiter.

Currently, there are many people concerned with showing off a beautiful and attractive smile. But the search for those shiny white teeth can lead to an extreme obsession known as blancorexia.

Having aligned, white and healthy teeth is becoming more important for people today, it is one more aesthetic aspect to take into account to reach the current beauty standard. Fashion, the media, certain celebrities and social networks have a lot of influence to the rest of the mortals to have an aesthetically beautiful mouth.

Having a beautiful oral cavity is not a problem in itself, moreover, it must be important to have the teeth aligned and cared for so that chewing is a satisfactory action and not inconvenient.

However, if this need turns into obsession, it can cause problems in the long run. Coming up next, we tell you.

What exactly is blancorexia?

As we already anticipated, blancorexia is the obsession to have whiter and whiter teeth. People with this problem tend to think that their teeth are yellow or dark and therefore undergo abrasive treatments that break down the enamel and weaken the gums.

This alteration has a clear characteristic that it is a mental perception and a subjective appreciation regarding the appearance of the teeth themselves. The damage is not only mentalWe have to remember that if people are subjected to this problem, they acquire the behavior of insisting on that whitening, and they can damage the teeth.

Dental treatments are safe.

Why do we prefer white teeth?

There are several causes why patients with blancorexia are more predisposed to suffer from this disorder. Among the factors we found, we highlight the following.

  • Fashion: celebrities sport bright white teeth, and the rest of the people seek to imitate them. They pretend to be at the height of fashion and the demands that are created by seeing it as normative.
  • Advertising: On the other hand, advertising places a lot of emphasis on having healthy, strong teeth, and to show this, they must be white. Products are marketed that promise to have whiter teeth in a few weeks, and many of them can alter our enamel if it is not done under the supervision of a professional.
  • There is a lot of ignorance: Not having all the information makes us make mistakes and endanger our oral health. If you abuse whitening products, you may be helping to damage them.
  • White teeth increase self-esteem: For many people it is important to have white teeth to improve their self-esteem. Just like having a misaligned mouth and yellow teeth.

Risks of whitening your teeth a lot

Blancorexia patients are never satisfied with the appearance of their teeth. They always believe that they have dark and stained teeth, and also, they are not usually content with the results obtained after whitening.

For this reason, they undergo many cosmetic treatments quickly and exaggeratedly. Sometimes in dental clinics, but home treatments are also performed, where acidic, abrasive and whitening substances are applied that can damage enamel and teeth.

If these substances are used continuously, the tooth tissues may be destroyed, if for example, baking soda, activated charcoal, hydrogen peroxide or acidic fruits such as lemon are used, they can seriously damage the enamel.

The most common symptoms that can occur if this practice is done regularly, are the following:

  • Gum Irritation and its possible inflammation.
  • It can cause gingivitis.
  • Hypersensitivity dental.
  • Taste disturbances
  • Pulp necrosis.
  • Lost of piece dental.
  • Loss of mineral in the enamel.

Dental treatment for teeth whitening.

Tips to avoid blancorexia

As we say, the origin of this obsession is psychological, the treatment must be carried out by a professional of the mind so that he can determine the exercises to avoid with this obsession.

To reduce the risk of this obsession, we tell you some tips that you can carry out:

  • You must be realistic: the teeth that we see in magazines, television, etc., do not have the most natural appearance of teeth, because as a general rule the teeth are not so white. That is why we have to be realistic and know that teeth are not always like this.
  • Be wary of miracle products: As in diets, do not endanger your teeth with products that may create suspicion.
  • Take the consequences: We mean that you can't have the best smile if you don't stop smoking, drinking tea or coffee, as well as other beverages and fruits that can stain your teeth.
  • Avoid home remedies: It may be that natural remedies instead of helping you can endanger your oral health.
  • Abusing dental treatments: Professionals are the ones who should do these treatments since they have the tools and products in their clinics to do them safely, on the other hand, if these treatments are abused, you can also damage your teeth.

Causes of why teeth are stained

Stains on teeth can arise from various causes. Intrinsic stains can be caused by taking an antibiotic, exposure to certain substances, or problems that arise when the pieces are forming.

Most of the stains on the teeth are due to pigmentation produced by what a person eats and drinks. Foods and drinks that are very colorful can stain teeth, such as tea, coffee or mate, as well as wine, blueberries or tomato sauce. Smoking can also be a major factor in tooth color.

Now you know a little more about this deformation of reality called blancorexia. Take care of your oral hygiene and avoid all foods that can yellow your teeth.

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