You move? 10 tips to make your move lighter

Illusion for a move and a new home.

If you have made the decision to move and start a new home, surely you have a long move ahead of you. Depending on each case, a move can become a big headache, therefore, We want to give you 10 tips to help you on this «odyssey». 

As Moving home can be a rollercoaster of emotions, joy for the change, but also stress for all that it implies. Don't worry, take note of these recommendations so that everything is much lighter.

To organize a move you need to follow certain guidelines so as not to go crazy, as this will greatly reduce negative and overwhelming feelings.

It is important so that everything goes as well as possible, that you remember the reason why you are moving, you have to be clear about how you want to do it, on what days and who to involve. Keep reading these lines to know how to deal with the move.

Make your move easier

Depending on the size of the move, we will have to worry more or less about the cost of the move itself. If a moving truck is hired, it is usually not cheap, and more so if there is enough distance between one home and the other. It is for this reason that we must make the most of the vehicle space and service.

Before packing you must clean

A deep cleaning should be the first thing you do. You should first clean the space of things that you will not need in your new home. All the things that you no longer use have already fulfilled their mission and it is time to get rid of them. 

Cleaning should also include a literal cleaning of your objects and the spaces that are becoming free, you must take your time cleaning and choosing those objects that will not occupy a space in your vehicle.

During packaging you need organization, you can clean objects before, to remove them and thus have them ready in your new home.

Moving can be entertaining.

Keep some things in their own drawers

Some things like clothes or some items that you keep in drawers can stay there during the move. You can take the drawers out of the cabinets and make sure in some way that it does not move during the way, you can upload the things separately.

In order not to take up more space, in the truck you can ask that the closet be raised without drawers and then place them, so it will be lighter and you will achieve your mission. Once at your destination you can take out and lower the drawers, then the wardrobe and assemble it in the place you decide.

Squishy things better in bags

Pillows, bedding and other soft things can be put in garbage bags. Not everything needs a box, sometimes, it is better to put things that can go in garbage bags, in addition, you can use them to prevent some furniture from hitting each other. They will act as shock absorbers.

The ideal is to seal them with some tape to prevent them from breaking, especially if they have enough weight. You can paint over it with a marker to identify what's inside.

List or check the boxes

Another way to not lose anything and be more organized is to mark the boxes and bags, so that you know what each box contains at the time of moving, there will always be something more fragile than something else. You can ask them to download them and you can send them to which room they should be placed. 

In addition, if the boxes are identified, you will be able to know in which box the object you need is.

The bedroom light is perfect.

You must organize everything in a strategic way

Before putting things on the truck, you must pack everything. That is, leave the boxes of things in each area, that is, all the things in the bedroom in the bedroom, the things in the kitchen in the kitchen and so on. This will help you when the truck arrives, they can organize the boxes in a more organized way.

Once at the destination, you will have to unpack little by little, and leaving the things of each place in their place, because that way everything will be more orderly from the beginning and you will not have all the boxes in the middle of the room, for example.

If you decide to paint your new home, you must do it before

It is important to take this aspect very into account, since it is worth nothing to move and then start painting the house. It is better to keep everything in mind, the chosen paintings and the hired painters for before the day of the move because this way you will be in your new house with the perfect walls.

Any details must be arranged before

This is a tip that you should organize during the move before starting to do it, that is, you should carefully review all the inconveniences of your new home, such as the power outlets, the locks, the curtains, the drawers, etc.

This will make sure that when you arrive, everything is ready and you can use it when you need it. You should try to connect the power outlet to test it, turn on lights and see that everything works correctly.

Choose a quiet time to make the move

The factor of temperature and time is important, because it is not the same to cut a street, if that is what you should do when you move to your new house at 9 in the morning or at 22 at night. You must be careful not to obstruct, and also, choose a cool time during the day so that it is not torture. 

Pack a backpack with the basics

Another very practical tip is to prepare as a survival kit By the time the move is done, or you are left in the middle. It consists of a clean change of clothes, a toothbrush, a towel, toiletries, your pajamas, etc. This will be perfect to spend the first night in your home without having to go rummaging through your things.

Don't turn that experience into torture

It is important that you have a calm and peaceful move. Don't let things that don't go as planned make your day bitter, because it can be very counterproductive and your mental health will suffer. Faced with the unexpected, you must take a deep breath and find a solution. 

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