What your pets detect before you know it

What your pets detect

Do you know everything your pets detect? Because it is not by chance that on certain occasions they behave differently than they usually do. It seems that a number of diseases can smell them. We know well that smell is one of the great qualities that pets have, so from there comes the best.

Because it is true that we have mentioned that diseases are detected but not always. In some cases it will also be good news, that you may be waiting to hear it and it will be your pet who can alert you to it. Now you will have to pay attention more than ever to all their movements!

What Your Pets Detect: Prostate Cancer

It is true that it is a complicated subject where they exist. But it seems that there are studies that dictate that it may be that pets smell the disease before the person himself knows of its existence. This It is due to the developed sense of smell that is what can detect that something is happening either through saliva or sweat. Although it is useful for many types of cancers, it is true that one of those that dogs get right is prostate cancer. They have a minimum percentage of error in animals.

Dogs detect diseases

The pregnancy

We were already advancing that not all of them were going to be bad news. Therefore, they are also the pets will know that a new member will be home soon. This is similar to the previous case, since due to their smell can detect hormonal changes. Hence, perhaps he knows it at the same time as you or even a little earlier. So he will always be very aware of us because a new life is housed in you and as such, he will also want to protect it from the first beginning.


There are cases of cats and dogs that can detect death. It seems that a few years ago, it was found a cat that knew when old people were going to die and would lean on them shortly before the time came. It is true that every time our pet lies down it does not mean that something is going to happen, but it does mean that in certain cases it may smell it. Now we will try not to obsess because our pet is not to blame for having that series of powers that make it even more special.

The weather changes

The most important weather changes such as the arrival of storms or cyclones are among the options that pets can detect. Because they notice that changes are coming and that they finally lead to those mentioned. The dog will look the most nervous before the storm hits. and it will not stop moving from one side to the other. Of course, your pet may have another type of behavior. Because as a general rule it will be something that scares them and hence they can have varied behaviors.

Pet predictions

Your mood

According to us we can know how our pet is, they even more and better of how we feel. If you are sad or distressed they will know it and they will not leave you alone or alone. Because it is one of the best ways they have to show you their love. Hence, this company is always one of the most loyal and necessary in our life.

Epileptic seizures

Again we have to say that these types of attacks are connected to a very characteristic odor that only pets can detect it before it happens. So it is always a good alert to know when it will happen to prevent falls and so that someone can be warned before the attack hits. Did you know everything your pets detect? Now you will surely be more attentive or attentive to all their movements.

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