What type of highlighter to use?

The best glitter-free makeup highlighters

The highlighter is the key to achieving a juicy and light makeup, especially on dull and matte skin, dry and ripe. But for it to do its job well, it is essential to choose the right one and apply it correctly. Don't know where to start? In Bezzia We help you know which highlighter to use.

What is a luminator?

A highlighter is a product that is used to highlight and give luminosity to certain areas of the face. It is applied to strategic areas such as the cheekbones, the arch of the eyebrows, the bridge of the nose and the cupid's bow to create points of light and highlight the facial structure.

How is it used?

In a makeup routine, highlighter is used after foundation and concealer, but before adding the bronzer or blush to your cheeks. Its function is to give a luminous and radiant finish to the face, providing luminosity and highlighting natural features.

Where to apply the highlighter

For apply highlighter correctly There are points on the face that are key. And what are those points where we should apply it? The most important and those that you should not forget are the following. Remember that it will not be enough to apply them but that you must then blend it gently to avoid marked lines and achieve a natural result.

  • Arch of the eyebrow to achieve a more luminous look.
  • Center of the mobile eyelid to gain freshness.
  • Tear duct area.
  • High area of ​​the cheekbone, just above the cheek, to highlight the bones and add dimension to the face.
  • Nasal septum.
  • Cupid's bow.

Types of illuminators

There are different types of highlighters on the market, which adapt not only to different personal preferences but to different skin types. You don't have to choose just one; You can have several depending on the occasion and the results you want to obtain, more or less natural. Powder, stick, cream, liquid... discover which format best suits you and the characteristics of your skin.

Powder highlighters

They are very popular and come in compact or loose powder form. Generally They have a higher pigment load than that presented by illuminators in other formats and therefore, they can provide greater shine and luminosity to the foot.

It is easy to apply them with the help of a brush, the latter being especially useful for illuminating the tear duct and opening the eyes. Due to their format they are ideal for oily skin, since the powder helps to mattify the skin and set the makeup.

Liquid highlighters

Liquid highlighters gain in versatility. They can be mixed with makeup base to make it more luminous or applied directly to the skin in key areas. It usually has a more natural finish and is easily applied with your fingers.

Conclusion ideal for dry and mature skin, since they provide hydration and juiciness to the skin. For this same reason, they are very suitable in summer, when most skin requires extra hydration to combat the effects of the sun.

Cream highlighters

They have a greater density than liquid highlighters and perhaps that is why they may be more comfortable for many. They are creamy, easy to apply with your fingers and easy to blend with a brush for a luminous, natural finish. Like the previous ones, they result ideal for mature skin. 

Stick highlighters

The most comfortable to carry. They are easy to apply and blend with your fingers or a brush. A good solution to touch up during the day and apply a touch of glow to your face at any time. The cream texture, as we have already mentioned before, has extra hydration and shine since it integrates and blends with the skin itself, so the result is very natural.


How to choose the perfect highlighter

As you have already seen, the illuminator can be presented in various formats and textures and choosing one or the other depends, above all, on personal tastes and skin type. In that sense, remember that liquid or cream highlighters are especially recommended for dry, mature and tired skin that needs shine and vitality.

Another feature to take into account when choosing the perfect highlighter is the tone. What color suits us according to our type of skin? Gold, pink, peach... Which one to choose? Generally speaking, you can't go wrong with these:

  • White skin with pink undertone. Pearlescent or very subtle pink tones.
  • Medium skin with warm undertones. Golden tones that provide a touch of warmth to the skin.
  • brown skin. Bronze tones that imitate the blush of the sun.
  • Very dark skin. Bronzes or rose gold tones for even softer results

The highlighter is an effective product to illuminate your face daily. However, it is key to get the type of highlighter right to obtain the best results. ¡Try different types and find the one that best suits your skin and preferences!

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