Uses that you didn't know about the avocado seed

avocado uses

Do you like avocado? Well, you have to know that you can take full advantage of it. Although the benefits of avocado they are numerous,  avocado seed It is not far behind and also has many. Today we reveal some of its most frequent uses. Although not all of them are aimed at taking care of our body but also our skin. So, when you discover everything we have to tell you, you will throw your hands in your head for throwing so many seeds in the trash.

The avocado is one of the fruits that tell with more beneficial properties to health. So it should always be complementing all types of dishes. Its healthy fats and high vitamin content make it a great basic to take into account. If you can also take advantage of its seed, you will already have great savings.

Prevents cardiovascular diseases

Prevent heart disease It is not always something simple. But if we lead a healthy life where exercise and a balanced diet predominate, we surely already have a good part of the way forward. Of course, if we add to this homemade methods or tricks, we will still reach a better destination which will be that of health. In this case, you can take care of your cardiovascular system with avocado seeds. How? The best is take them in the form of an infusion, grating said seed and bringing it to a boil. But be careful, you should not abuse it because the contraindications it may have are not yet known.

avocado seed


It's time to make a homemade anti-cellulite with this ingredient. Yes, again you have to grate the seeds and to do this you will need about 4 or 5. Once you have them, you will mix them with the same number of tablespoons of olive oil. A mixture that you can use to massage that area or areas where you can already see how the cellulitis begins to command.

It will prevent bacteria from accumulating in your body

It has to be said that avocado skin It also has this virtue, but we are mentioning the seed and we are not going to leave it aside. Bacteria and pathogens They can be part of our lives without us almost realizing it. Well, it's time to avoid it at all costs. As? Well, taking advantage of the virtues of the seed and also, it is best as an infusion.

Pest repellent

We already mentioned that not all the benefits were intended for our body, but that it can also be used for other totally different uses. In this case, it is advisable to use it as pest repellent, insects and derivatives. Since in summer you are sure to have a house full of flies or mosquitoes, it is time to use it for this purpose. To do this you have to boil water, grate the seed into it and leave it for about 10 minutes. Then you will let it cool and put it in a spray can: one part of this seed with four parts of water. You can spray plants or refresh the environment.

benefits of avocado

Use as an exfoliant

Ya you don't need to buy scrubs, because now you can have them in the simplest way. In this case, you must also grate the avocado seed well to ensure that it is mix in your favorite moisturizing milk and thus, when you apply it, it can work as an exfoliant. At the same time that it hydrates, it also eliminates dead cells, making it a perfect two-in-one for your daily life.

As a garment dye

Although it may be a much more complicated use than the previous ones, when it comes to doing it, you should not be left behind. Because it is also used to dye certain garments. But yes, you should always try on some old t-shirts and do not use too much. To get this dye, you must wash the seeds well and let them dry. Once dry, you can boil them in water and see how the water takes color. Well, this water will be where you can put the garments to be dyed, leaving them for a few hours but always checking that they are soaked until the desired color is achieved.

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