Uses of Ravintsara essential oil


Do you know Ravintsara essential oil? Its origin is from the camphor tree, a tree that we can find in Madagascar. Although the truth is that said tree is not native to this place. Even so, it is a tree that is highly appreciated for the oil that today occupies our space and that has numerous uses that you should know about, in addition to its benefits.

Apparently, the oil from this tree saw the light of day back in the 18th century and from then on, Its great properties are acclaimed for everyone. In addition, it has a very fresh aroma, very similar to eucalyptus. So you will assume that it can be one of the perfect ingredients when there is some virus in the form of a cold or cold.

Against colds and other viral infections

Como This oil has antiviral properties, becomes more than important when treating colds, colds and the like. From the moment you notice that your body is getting sick or perhaps before, you can start using it. Since prevention is the key to this type of diseases don't go any further. How to use it? Well, simply try putting a few drops (about 15) in the diffuser you have at home. Three times a day will be enough, although if you don't have it, you can also mix two drops of this oil with twice as much vegetable oil (it is always better than the pure essential oils combined with others) and apply it topically to areas such as the neck or chest.

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Congestion or cough

If you are congested or you have a cough, then you can also try this oil. Because it is a perfect, and natural, way to be able to breathe again and feel better. In addition, you will leave aside that cough that always makes us uncomfortable. How can you carry it out? Well, it is very simple since again you can mix one drop of Ravintsara essential oil with 3 drops of vegetable oil. In this case, you will have to apply it to the area around your nose. You will see how in a short time you will notice that you are breathing much better and you will forget about congestion. The benefits of essential oils They help us in different fields!

Ravintsara essential oil against stress

Stress is part of our daily lives, even if we don't want it. The pace of life we ​​have is no wonder and between wanting to achieve everything, it sometimes makes us feel a little overwhelmed. Well, we can always use the aromatherapy in this case. Because it is a relaxed feeling for all senses and it works. Also, if you feel exhausted then it will also be a good remedy. Because in addition to that relaxation, you will see how you will have more energy. With just 4 drops of this and the same amount of vegetable oil we will have the perfect combination. Where can it be applied? Well, in areas such as the wrists or even the lumbar part they will be of great help. You can repeat it a couple of times each day.

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Lack of concentration

Going to the kitchen and not knowing what to do is something that happens to us often. But if we also find it difficult to concentrate then we must use some other remedy. Therefore, Ravintsara essential oil will be your best advisor. Nothing better than more natural remedies. That's why in this case what we are going to do is put it in the diffuser, with about 15 drops it will be more than enough. It is a way to stimulate all the senses and more, concentration and memory in general. You will see how little by little you will see all the effects and your memory will thank you.

For insomnia

Insomnia is another of the big problems we have every day, or rather every night. There may be many reasons why it takes over our lives but we must try everything to try to combat it. So, in this case you must also apply it topically. As you can see, Ravintsara essential oil is used for numerous things and can even be used to to heal wounds.

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