Tricks to remove the smell of tobacco from clothes without washing them

eliminate tobacco odor

Do you know how you can remove the smell of tobacco from clothes without washing them? It is true that nowadays, since we cannot smoke indoors, we do not usually come home with the smell impregnated with our clothes. But if there are still people who smoke in your immediate environment, you may notice how that smell does linger on your favorite clothes for longer.

Well it's time to get carried away by a series of tricks that will make the smell of tobacco disappear, but without having to use washing machines or spend time washing by hand. As you well know, one of the most negative aspects of smoking are the consequences it leaves on our body, but also that smell that does not want to leave us, until today.

Remove the smell of tobacco from clothes with white vinegar

I'm sure you have White vinegar at home and it is no wonder. Since it is one of the most used products and for different purposes. One of them is to eliminate the smell of tobacco from clothes. In this way, you see that it is not only important for the House cleaning. How can we use it? Well, it's very simple and you need to fill a basin, bucket, sink or bathtub, whatever you prefer and is most comfortable for you. You will fill it with very hot water and then, you will pour a little white vinegar into it: a couple of glasses. Now you just have to hang the garment nearby so that with the mist that emanates from the water, it eliminates the smell of tobacco forever.

white vinegar against odors

Ventilate the garment

More than a trick, it is one of those steps that we usually do first. So it is most obvious. Still, we didn't want to leave it aside and remind you of it. Ventilating the garment is extremely necessary to release that unpleasant odor or odors. The best is outdoors, but if you don't have space, try hanging it and plug in the dehumidifier.

The baking soda trick

Although apple cider vinegar is one of the great staples in our house, bicarbonate is not left behind. We know that this product also has endless uses and therefore, we must take it into account. It is very easy to do and it will not touch the garment in question but you can place a container with baking soda right next to it. Thus, the product will absorb that tobacco smell.

baking soda against odors

Tea tree oil

They are many the oils that are responsible for absorbing odors, that's why now we are left with one of them that really works. We are talking about tea tree oil. It has several properties but one of them, and the most famous, is that it is a odor neutralizer. You should put a few drops of the oil into a spray bottle with water. Now is the time to spray the garment and let it dry completely. You'll see how it really works!

A few drops of vodka

No, we don't want you to start raising your elbows, but if you have this drink at home, you can try another of the more than perfect tricks to get rid of the smell of tobacco. You have to go back to using a spray bottle because you will have to Spray three parts water to one part vodka on the garment.. Then you will let it dry completely and you will have the garment like new, clean and without any type of odor. As you can see, there are many tricks that you can perform in a comfortable and simple way!

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