Tricks to get rid of dust in your house

Get rid of the dust

Dust is a common problem in homes as it quickly accumulates on furniture, floors and other surfaces. Although it may be unsightly, dust can cause health problems, especially in allergy sufferers. Luckily, there are effective tricks to eliminate dust at home and keep the environment clean and healthy. Below, we share with you eight of them. Take note!

Prevent dust from entering the home

It is entirely logical to think that to get rid of dust in your house the key is to prevent dust from entering it. However, this is really difficult, if properly ventilated, clean vents and air filters can contribute to this.

Do not use a duster

Although it occupies a place in many homes, using a duster to remove dust is not recommended. Because? You may be wondering. Because doing so doesn't end the dust, it just moves it from one place to another. Additionally, dusters leave residue in the air and on objects, which can worsen indoor air quality and cause respiratory problems.


The mop, an ally for heights

The mop is a good ally for removing dust in high and difficult to access places, such as ceilings or high cabinets. And a long or extendable handle can be incorporated into these to reach high areas safely. However, it is important to ensure that the mop is clean and in good condition to ensure that it traps dust and avoid spreading it around the house. Therefore, be sure to clean the mop after a morning or afternoon of cleaning. Most can be put in the washing machine.


Vacuuming twice a week in all areas of the house it helps eliminate dust accumulated on floors, carpets, upholstery and the most difficult corners. And no matter how lazy we are, we all know that in a 2-bedroom apartment it will not take us more than 30-40 minutes to do it without distractions.

Invest, if you can afford it, in a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters, which manage to trap much smaller particles, smaller than 0,3 microns. Especially if you have asthma, a respiratory condition, or an allergy, you will notice the difference.

Vaccum cleaner

Using microfiber cloths

Microfiber cloths are ideal for cleaning dust because they have a texture that allows them to trap and retain dust effectively, preventing it from spreading into the air. And you will not need to use additional chemical products, which makes them very effective for general cleaning.

Wet cloths for glass

Wiping with a slightly damp cloth helps trap and remove dust more efficiently of the surfaces. It also forces you, of course, to have to rinse the cloth frequently to get rid of the dirt. A solution in equal parts of water and vinegar and a microfiber cloth are a great ally for cleaning the windows, did you know? Spray the solution on the glass and, using circular movements, clean the glass from top to bottom when the sun is not shining on it.


Clean from top to bottom

Wiping dust from top to bottom is more effective than the other way around. And by doing it this way, the dust that we don't catch and tend to fall downwardsIt will be collected when you then clean the lower areas. Additionally, if we use a product, by cleaning from top to bottom, we prevent it from dirtying what we have already cleaned by dripping.

Avoid clutter

Clutter opens the door to different problems, including the accumulation of dust. The accumulated objects On surfaces in the house they are magnets for dust. Especially the mountains of books, papers or textiles. Yes, we are referring to that mountain of clothes that accumulates on the bedroom chair in many homes. Keep your home tidy and clear to reduce the amount of dust that accumulates and spend less time cleaning.

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