Three mistakes parents make when raising their children

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No parent is born with a manual under their arm when it comes to educating their children. Therefore it is normal to make certain mistakes and rectify in order to get the best possible breeding. The big problem arises when a type of discipline is imposed that can be totally toxic or unhealthy for children.

In the following article we will tell you three mistakes that are made in the education of children and what to do to avoid such toxicity.

Positive discipline in the education of children

The work of parents in raising their children is key when it comes to achieving May they grow up happy as well as healthy.. Positive discipline allows children to know that there are a series of limits that they must respect and that every action will have its consequence. Rules and limits are key when children grow up with high self-esteem and great self-confidence. On the contrary, punishment and yelling must be avoided as they tend to cause emotional wounds in children that are very difficult to heal.

3 Parenting Mistakes Parents Should Avoid

There are a number of mistakes that parents should avoid making. when educating and raising children:


There are parents who make the big mistake of labeling their children, without being aware of the emotional damage that usually causes children. Labels are usually used when correcting a certain behavior of the child. In the vast majority of cases, the inappropriate behavior or behavior that is to be changed worsens, with what this entails for one's own upbringing. That is why we must avoid labeling children and separating them from the behavior in question. It is best to analyze this behavior and find the best possible solution.


Yelling should be avoided when it comes to parenting. Over time, these screams take their toll on the emotional health of children. coming to feel fear and a lot of insecurity. It is important to say things in a relaxed and calm way so that the message reaches the little ones in the house without problem.


Punishments are another of the mistakes that many parents make when it comes to educating their children. It is important to take into account the opinions of children so that they feel heard. Punishment is a totally toxic way of acting that ends up harming minors from an emotional point of view.

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The education of children should be based on love and affection

In raising children it is important that minors know at all times what are the consequences that their actions will have. It depends on them whether there is a consequence or a different one, so they must be the owners of their decisions. The father must be the model and the guide in which the son must be based and reflected. That is why the best possible education is one that is based on love and affection. It is much simpler and easier for children to learn from an environment that breathes respect and love in equal parts. In the event that the environment is based on shouting and profanity by the parents, the emotional development of the smallest members of the house will not be the most appropriate or optimal possible.

In short, the upbringing of children should be based on positive discipline and taking into account a series of values ​​as important as respect, trust or affection. Educating from punishment or shouting will cause a toxic environment that does not benefit the proper development of children at all.

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