Things that alter your menstrual cycle

Irregular menstrual cycle and its causes

El menstrual cycle is regulated by many factors, not just hormonal. An imbalance in our body can generate alterations in the menstrual cycle, from delays to having losses in weeks in which we do not have to have menstruation to excessive pain or a large flow. That is why we have to think about everything that can alter the menstrual cycle to see if it can be the cause of our problems.

Having a good menstrual cycle not only helps us on a day-to-day basis, since it makes things easier for us, but indicates that we are in good health, since our hormones and our body is in balance. Any mismatch can come from several factors and we must look at them to change what may be hurting us.

hormonal problems

Menstrual cycle

One of the main things why menstrual cycles are disturbed is because we have some hormonal problem. This problem can be various hormones or from sites that control hormone secretion, so it is something that is difficult to establish. You have to do tests to find out exactly what is wrong, from testing the level of hormones to testing to see if there are any benign tumors in places like the pituitary, which controls hormones. Also problems with the thyroid can lead to alterations in menstruation. Another well-known cause is PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome, which causes a variety of hormonal problems as cysts form on the ovaries, including being overweight, hair loss, hirsutism, and loss of menstruation.

Excessive exercise

Sport and menstrual cycle

Another cause that usually causes the loss of the menstrual cycle is excessive exercise. For the rule to stand we must have a certain level of fat in the body. Elite athletes who have low body fat and perform very demanding sports often have the problem of losing their periods for this reason. In any case, in this case, with regain some weight and a diet with healthy fats, a normal menstrual cycle is usually generated again.

Under weight

Low weight also means that the period can come in irregular cycles or withdraw completely, that is, produce an amenorrhea. For our hormone levels to be normal and the body to function normally it must have quality fuel and this has always been the case. Imbalances in diet lead to many other imbalances in our body, which influences hormones. Also overweight people can end up with decompensated hormones, which causes menstrual cycles to be disturbed.

Stress and anxiety

Stress and menstrual cycle

Today we live in a continuous coming and going, with jobs and lives that sometimes demand too much and in which we do not have time to relax. This causes us to find ourselves in permanent stress in situations of daily life. This stress and not controlling anxiety leads to many problems in our body. Not only has it been proven that it affects our immune system, which is weakened, causing all kinds of diseases and problems to appear, but also it also causes our hormones to go out of balance. In many cases, problems with the menstrual cycle only have to do with a stressful period and anxiety. There is a very important psychological factor when it comes to having a balanced rule, so this is another cause that we must take into account. We know that if we are stressed or if we go through moments of anxiety, this type of problem is very likely to appear.

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