The importance of ventilating the home well

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Have good ventilation at home is key to becoming a healthy home. Do you tend to ventilate often? It is important that you do it regularly, to reduce the polluting elements.
Inadequate ventilation in homes is capable of generating an increase in bacteria, a significant increase in elements that are harmful to health, such as moisture particles, possible bacteria from animal hair, carbon monoxide, or carbon dioxide.

If a home is not well ventilated, this can negatively affect people's health. Among other symptoms, headaches, respiratory problems or problems falling asleep are increased, these are some of the examples of the consequences of not ventilating the house.
In a house that has adequate ventilation, it is less complicated to regulate the humidity of the house, the elimination of mites, dust particles, Bad odors will also be eliminated and thanks to that new oxygen shot, you will be able to increase air circulation.
Ventilating is very important for the home.

This way you will know if you have adequate ventilation in your house

It is important to carry out the habit of airing the house every day, sometimes we believe that we do everything possible to have a healthy home, however, we may not be doing everything as well as we think. To know if your home is well ventilated, it will be enough to follow a series of guidelines.

Your house probably does not have adequate ventilation, because sometimes we forget to use the kitchen extractor or in other cases we do not have an extractor in the bathroom to help us ventilate the room. If you don't have an exhaust fan to purify the air, you should at least open the windows twice a day.

On the other hand, if you decide to smoke inside the house, it can increase the accumulation of toxic particles, which makes the health of the cohabitants worse.

These are the benefits of maintaining good ventilation at home

The home must be ventilated very well so that the air circulation is the best. For this to happen, it is best to ventilate in the morning and every day. What's more, try that there is current in your houseIf you have the possibility, create drafts by opening windows in both directions.

Just by ventilating 10 minutes a day, you will get your house to have greater benefits, such as those described below.

  • Decrease in allergies.
  • La oxygenation air and carbon dioxide removal.
  • regulation of humidity.
  • You will eliminate that bad smells and charged air.
  • You will get rest better since the house will be much more ventilated and clean.

These are the consequences of poor ventilation in the home

In a home, ventilation must be constantly supervised to avoid that the air does not breathe and that it always remains inside. The comfort and well-being of the cohabitants depends on having fresh and renewed air every day.

The steam that is created when cooking, when bathing, if we use heating combined with poor ventilation, can cause a slight lack of oxygen, but it does not entail damage to health.

This comfort for those who live in the home, must endure for this reason, ventilation must be done constantly and every day periodically. Not having a house with good adequate ventilation, it is associated with stress and certain respiratory conditions.

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This is how you get better air quality in the home

We have to differentiate an important aspect, since in winter times, heating systems can be used constantly and they dry out the environment a lot.

This can be compensated for by using certain humidifiers. and appealing to the technique of natural cross ventilation, which we have mentioned before.

For a house to work with adequate ventilation also in the summer months, what is recommended is to control the use of electrical appliances, you avoid lights that emanate a lot of heat, furnish with solid wood furniture and put plants that allow to isolate the heat.

How to ventilate a home

Next we will give you some keys so that you can ventilate your home with three different techniques that you can put into practice today.

Natural ventilation

  • It is necessary to renew the air by opening the windows to avoid condensation of air in the house. It is done just by opening the windows.
  • Ventilate the rooms too it is important to remove moisture produced at night by breathing, you can ventilate at least 30 minutes.

Crossed ventilation

This is the best practice for ventilating homes, what you should do is to open two windows in two opposite places of the house so that an interior air current is generated that renews oxygen quickly and efficiently.

Forced ventilation

This type of ventilation is different because:

  • It is carried out thanks to mechanical elements.
  • You can do the chimney effect so that the hot air rises and the cold goes down.
  • Use airtight windowsThese should allow a minimum of air exchange to ensure the health and quality of the indoor air.

Use fans

Another way to ventilate your home is through fans, which help us circulate the air in a better way. In order to achieve the best ventilation, you can perform these steps:

  • Place a fan as close to an open window as possible, pointing toward the window. This allows the particles that reside inside the house to evacuate effectively.
  • Don't point the fans at other people, as that can cause polluted air to go straight at them.
  • Lastly, we recommend you use ceiling fans that help you improve air circulation in the home, regardless of whether the windows are open or not.

Limit of people inside the house

Another way to ventilate your home, or to ensure that it does not recharge too much of undesirable particles and bacteria, is by limiting the number of people who are in the same space and for a certain time in your home. Therefore, we recommend that you follow these guidelines:

  • Limit the number of people who visit your home. 
  • Gather in the largest and most spacious places, so you can keep as much distance as possible.
  • Make sure your visits are as short as possible.
  • After the visit, don't forget to ventilate.

All this will help the quality of the air in your home to remain stable and above all, healthy. Do not forget to ventilate your house in the morning at least half an hour so you can breathe fresh air.

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