The ideal temperature of the fridge and freezer

The ideal temperature of the fridge and freezer

Two years ago we shared in Bezzia the keys to have a more efficient kitchen. We talked then about the importance of both efficiency and the proper use of electrical appliances, mentioning the ideal fridge and freezer temperature.

Today we go a little further by analyzing the importance of this temperature on which it depends, not only the preservation of food, but also the savings on the electricity bill. Do you want to know what temperature you should set your refrigerator or freezer when it is installed?

The importance of a suitable temperature

The cooling creates a retarded growth of microorganisms such as bacteria that could be found in food, keeping it in good safety conditions for consumption. An important enough matter to pay attention to, don't you think?

energy consumption at home

Choosing the right temperature will allow you to preserve the food for longer fresh and/or in good condition. You will thus reduce not only the risks derived from its consumption but also food waste. And no, not always choosing the coldest temperature that the equipment allows us, is the best decision. You could be spending energy unnecessarily and causing certain foods to spoil sooner.

Refrigerators and freezers account for up to 22% of the total electricity cost of homes according to IDAE and up to 31% according to OCU studies. Are the appliances that consume more energy, since they do it continuously. And each extra degree Celsius that we lower your thermostat could mean an additional cost of electricity of between 7 and 10%. A percentage that will result in an increase in cost at the end of the month.

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The ideal temperature

According to experts and manufacturers' recommendations la optimum refrigerator temperature is around 4°C. Although they qualify with slight differences that can range between 2 and 8 degrees, depending on how empty or full the fridge is. And it is that for the food to be preserved and the refrigerator to work properly in addition to maintaining the ideal temperature, there are a series of guidelines that you must follow:

  • Avoid introducing hot food; always let them cool before storing them in it.
  • Don't fill it all the way, to allow the free circulation of cold air. And if you do, lower the temperature one degree.
  • always save bagged foods or airtight containers.
  • Check the fridge weekly and remove food that is no longer in good condition.
  • always keep it clean, removing any type of liquid that may have spilled.

Ideal temperature of the fridge and freezer

For its part, ideal freezer temperature is between -17°C or – 18°C. In addition, it is important to know that so that possible parasites (such as Anisakis in fish or Toxoplasma gondi in meat) do not pose a health risk, it will be necessary to freeze food for at least 5 days before consumption.

How do I adjust the temperature?

It is common that when we buy a refrigerator, they come, install it for us and we forget to check the temperature and adjust it if necessary. In the most modern and/or high-end refrigerators, this operation can be done through the digital controls. These are usually located on the front or door of the refrigerator. Older or low-end refrigerators, however, do not have these controls and hide a control wheel inside.

La control wheel It has some indicators that allow us to regulate the temperature. These indicators are usually numbers from 1 to 7 or 1 to 10 that are not directly related to temperature but to intensity (the higher the number, the colder). In these cases, the only way to know what temperature it is is by placing a thermometer in the fridge and playing with the wheel until we get closer to that ideal temperature.

Did you know what the ideal temperature of the refrigerator and freezer was? Will you review and update your appliances after reading this article?

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