The chinchilla, a sociable pet


When we think about having a pet We always talk about the most conventional ones, such as the cat or the dog. But sometimes we can also go a step further and enjoy the company of other animals such as the chinchilla. It must be said that this is a sociable pet if there ever was one, but it also has many virtues.

Maybe you don't know well what its behavior is, what it feeds on and what its basic care. Well, you don't have to worry because we have everything prepared in the form of basic information. This way you will have no excuses if you want to enjoy an animal like this in your home. I'm sure both you and he will be happy to join you!

Chinchillas are nocturnal

If you are one of those who goes to bed really late, then you will have company. Because chinchillas usually sleep more during the day. But with the arrival of night they become active and will be more than awake until well into dawn. This animal, which comes from rodents and although it is somewhat similar to the guinea pig, it behaves differently, as we have mentioned.

chinchilla care

Characteristics of chinchillas

It must be said that it is an animal that is very curious and easy to care for. Furthermore, it must be recognized that they are really shy. They don't like you to control them and that's why They are quite sensitive against any type of manipulation. Thanks to the fur they have, sometimes we want to hug them but not all of them allow themselves. Because as we say, in addition to shyness they also want independence. It must be taken into account that they can also live more than 20 years. In addition, they are quite sociable, there is no doubt about that. But much better if it is with one of their kind, with whom they will forge great alliances. If you have only one chinchilla then you will notice that it is sad, that it needs something more.

They are restless and very agile so it is common to see them from one side to the other, not stopping for a second. They love to climb and jump because being still doesn't suit them much. If you are with them every day you can see that they will also be more docile than they seem. Also you can train them because they are very intelligent, of that or there is no doubt.

train chinchillas

The basic care they need

One of the basic foods that chinchillas need is hay.. But not only him, but also a serving of vegetables a day is also really necessary. Of all the best ones for them are those with green leaves. The occasional apple will also be gladly received. Some other nuts that do not contain salt can also be given, but very sporadically.

Your cage must be vertical and have various heights. for your comfort. The best thing is that there is no type of plastic element in it. Better to opt for wood or methacrylate finishes. For the floor area, it is better not to go for the grate. Check that there are no gaps through which the chinchilla could escape or fall. As for the bathroom, they don't really need it and that's why It is not recommended to wash them with water. They are clean and they will be the ones to do it, but we can also place a container with sand so they can take sand baths as they wish. What you do need is to clean its cage and disinfect all the accessories inside on a regular basis. If you have more rodents, you can place them all in the same cage to check their behavior.

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