The best hairstyles to hide gray hair

Hairstyles to hide gray hair

It is increasingly common for women to wear their gray hair naturally. However, stopping dyeing is not an easy decision, since until the hair is unified, the roots give us an image every day that we may not like. To help you in this process, we propose today the best hairstyles to hide gray hair.

The roots are going to be there and there will be a lot of pressure to dye it. And it doesn't matter if you decide not to do it for a few months and then resort to dyeing again. Dying your hair is as valid an option as not doing it. The important is that you feel comfortable with your image And if you decide to leave your hair natural, know the best tricks to take care of it and create interesting looks. Go for it!

Gray hair must be taken care of

Stopping dyeing or simply not doing it does not mean that you should not provide certain care. Gray hair requires maintenance so that they look beautiful, just as your hair requires. Discover the keys to take care of them:

gray hair

  1. During the sunniest months it will be necessary to protect your hair with a good hair sunscreen, since gray hair is much more sensitive to the sun than hair with pigment, because it has lost the melanin that protected it.
  2. Did you know that gray hair dries more easily? It will not only be important to keep yourself hydrated but also provide your hair with greater direct hydration applying masks designed for dry hair.
  3. Gray hair can acquire different shades and to maintain a beautiful color you should use specific shampoos with pigments violets, blues and pearl. Only in this way will you keep the yellow and orange hues that they sometimes acquire at bay.

The best hairstyles to hide gray hair

Knowing how to keep gray hair at bay is important, however, especially during the first months, most women who stop dyeing dedicate all their energy to trying to hide it. Not so much the gray hair, not the roots. And for this the best are the hairstyles that add volume there where white hair is born. Discover, now, the best hairstyles to hide gray hair

Curls or waves with volume and natural finish

Ultra-smooth hair tends to enhance the roots of your natural color more, which is why we encourage you to opt for hairstyles with volume. Apply products that help define your waves or curls or simply dry your hair with your head down for extra volume. This way you will get the roots are not so marked and the gray blends with the rest of the hair.

Natural waves and curls

Ponytail or bun with volume

Actress Andie MacDowell has become, like our Ángela Molina, a true reference for natural beauty. She has worn her gray hair on the red carpets, sometimes with such simple and interesting hairstyles to hide the gray hair as the one low ponytail gathered at the nape of the neck. A hairstyle whose secret is not so much in this ponytail as in the texture of the hairstyle that enhances its curls and volume in the upper area.

Take the hair back from temples With a certain volume it helps to camouflage the roots and make our hair look almost completely white from the front. Plus you can always take out a few strands if you are looking for a more informal or casual image.

Pinned to hide gray hair

Wide headbands

During the first months, when the root is short, and we have not yet gotten used to our new image, headbands are a great tool. A slightly wide one, in addition to adding style to your look, will hide that color change between the white root and the rest of the hair.

Pinados with headbands and scarves


And in the same way you can use handkerchiefs, although these They offer greater versatility. We like them precisely for that reason, because the options to wear them are numerous and allow you to look stylish when your hair is not having its best day in a few minutes.

Wet effect

How elegant wet or 'wet' effect hairstyles can be and how flattering they can be for women with gray hair. And when the hair is wet or slicked, it acquires a more uniform tone which manages to hide gray hair. thus ensuring that the gray hair is not noticeable.

Wet look hairstyles

A short bob combed back is probably one of the best hairstyles to hide gray hair that you can wear. during the nights this summer. And to achieve this you will only have to apply a specific fixative gel all over your hair and comb the hair back with a comb or your fingers, if you are looking for greater texture.

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