The advantages of programmable pots

programmable pots

Small appliances they make our daily tasks easier and programmable pots are no exception. Due to the current pace of life we ​​are forced to do many things in a short time and a programmable pot allows us to reconcile certain household tasks. But what is a programmable pot?

What is a programmable pot?

Kitchen robots, programmable pots, slow cookers ... do we know exactly what we mean when we talk about each of these small appliances? Although we often tend to consider each other kitchen robots, they are not the same.

A programmable pot is an electric pressure cooker. Its design is similar to that of a deep fryer: it has a lid on the upper part that allows the ingredients to be introduced, a valve similar to those of traditional quick cookers, whose system they mimic, and a thermostat.

Panel of a programmable pot

The programmable pots also have a front panel on the you will only have to select the desired program. They stew, fry, steam, grill, bake ... and they let you know when the food is done. They are programmable, so you can have the food ready at the time you choose, as freshly cooked. What if the power goes out? You will not have to worry: when he returns he will continue right from where he left off, thanks to his memory.

Most programmable pots also have the heat and reheat option, which allows you not to dirty more dishes. And it is usual that they have an express button to carry out a self-cleaning.

The difference with a food processor and a crock pot

What is the difference between this appliance and a kitchen robot? While the programmable "solo" cooker cooks, the kitchen robot goes further, also processing food. These is, in a kitchen robot you can chop, crush knead ... And what about a Slow cooking pot? We talked about this type of pots long and hard a long time ago; They are traditional but electric pots to cook over low heat.

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Advantages of a programmable pot

Knowing the main characteristics of a programmable pot, it is easy to guess the advantages it offers us. If you cook frequently but do not have much time or desire to spend a lot, these are, without a doubt, a good option for the following reasons.

  1. They are simple. Anyone is capable of using a programmable pot. You just have to plug it in, enter the ingredients, select the cooking program and wait for the dish to be ready. Depressurizing it will be as simple as pressing a button.
  2. They reduce cooking time. You can cook the same as in a traditional pot but in a shorter time since it cooks at high pressure. Without having to be aware of it, it will cook your dishes quickly.
  3. Consume less energy and electricity than a conventional pot. By reducing the heat provided and the cooking time, you can save up to 70% in energy, which will positively affect your electricity bill.
  4. They are safe. These programmable cooking pots have a technology that makes them very safe. Forget about unwanted burns and incidents in the kitchen due to excess pressure. They have systems that warn you if the lid is not closed properly and they have a pulsed compression system, in order to avoid burns when opening the lid. In addition, you avoid the risk of forgetting the fire: it alerts you when finished and automatically turns off when finished.
  5. They allow you to cook everything. Most of them have different cooking programs: turbo, pressure cooker, steamed, stew, poaching, confit, rice, pasta, griddle, stir-fry, fry, oven ... Also included in the box is a book with many ideas for how to prepare your weekly menu is easier. Sit down for 10 minutes every Sunday, get ideas to prepare the menu for the whole week and forget to ask yourself each day what you are going to cook the next day.

Do you find programmable pots a good investment for your kitchen?

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