Strong glutes to take care of your back

Strong glutes to take care of your back

Although you may not believe it, having strong buttocks has more advantages than you could imagine. Because it is not only about something physical or aesthetic, but we go a step further. Because exercising this area can also help us take care of our backs. So, it's time to get down to business with the best exercises.

You already know that today, due to the work we have, our muscular health can be affected. The back is one of the most important and for this reason, we need to take care of it with the best exercises. We will not only look for specific exercises for her, but as we will see, the glutes also have the main role of her.

Why do I need strong glutes to take care of my back?

First of all, we must know why having strong buttocks is going to affect our back. Well, the truth is that if we work in this area, we will achieve great benefits. Among them, a stronger core and we will reduce possible back injuries. Because as you well know, the gluteus medius is the one in charge of stabilizing the pelvis. So, when we work them, this area will be more careful as well as being able to move better. Because if we sit for a long time, the back will weaken and therefore needs to be worked on. Hence exercising the psoas is the most indicated, because it is in charge of uniting the lower body with the trunk and when we notice back pain, they can come from that area.

Exercise glutes to have a strong back

When we have weak buttocks, this makes our posture not correct. Which continues to lead us to talk about problems in the lower back area and that will affect the rest of it. From the moment we can stabilize the trunk, then we will be able to better compensate for movements and leave injuries behind. Let's see what the right exercises are!

The best exercises for strong glutes

all kinds of squats

We can't push them too far because in the end, they will always come back. Squats are one of the fundamental parts of any training and more, if we want to have strong glutes. Can you do basic, deep and weighted or lateral squats. In addition, you can also help yourself with an elastic band to complete the exercise.

Bridge over the shoulders

It is another of the simple exercises but we can always get to complicate them a little more than necessary. Even in disciplines such as Pilates, an exercise like this is also usually implemented. It is about placing ourselves lying on our back and with our legs bent. Now is the time to begin to climb to stay supported on our soles of the feet and part of the shoulders. We'll take a breath up and come back down. We must tense glutes in each ascent.

Glute kick

In the quadruped position you must stretch one leg back, but always squeezing the gluteus. In addition to throwing your leg back, you can also bend it and make upward movements. You see that all the exercises always come to have a series of variations, in order to be able to carry out a more varied job.

Hip thrust

Because it is one of the great allies when we mention strong glutes. In this case it is also a pelvic lift but it is accompanied by a little weight in the form of a bar. You will lie on a bench face up, always supporting the upper part of the back as well as the head. The legs are kept bent at a 90º angle. The bar you have to place it on the pelvis and make a quick movement upwards. Then we will go down as if we were going to sit on the ground and go up again, placing the body as we mentioned before. Start with little weight and little by little you can increase it.

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