A walk through the fashion of the 80s

Madonna 80s fashion

If there a time that marked fashion, this is the 80s. Because although the previous decades were marked by the arrival of new trends, it seems that the eighties achieved a success that was unprecedented. The woman felt more casual than ever. Music and cinema also gave a good account of it.

Madonna was one of the great celebrities who was carried away by the trends of the 80s. A world that was seen from another perspective. Color entered the lives of famous women and those who were not so famous. Breakthrough clothes, XXL accessories and everything you need to know, on this walk through the 80s.

90s inspiration fashion
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Main features of the fashion of the 80s

It is not easy to define the fashion of the 80s with few words. But it is not impossible either, so we are left with the neon colors and extra-large accessories. Two main basics to achieve a most groundbreaking style. The volumes made their way and not only in the clothes, but also in the hairstyles, which we will see later.

Features of 80s fashion

Trends opted for denim garments that were beginning to look full of breaks and of course, accompanied by very varied badges or patches. In addition to this, the composition of different fabrics became basic for the same looks. The fishnet leggings & tights combined with lace and tulle they would be the main source of inspiration for many. There was no single style, but to succeed, you had to combine them all.

Basic styles of eighties fashion

Although a priori it seems that it is a fashion chaos, nothing is further from reality. In this case, they were perfectly distinguished three styles to be able to be accommodated according to the needs of our day.

Sports fashion from the 80s

Sport style

It is one of the most remembered. The sport fashion styleIt has little to do with the one now. Although sometimes, surely more than one garment you have used again. To mark each exercise, it was best to let yourself be carried away by a body. Of course, always in bright colors. Some socks that would not be without their tonality and some leg warmers. A more than basic complement, and as we say, it would not be the last time we would see it. Of course, without forgetting the bands that were placed on the forehead.

Fashion with shoulder pads

Fashionable style for work

For work the suit began to enter our fashion. A composition of skirt or pants with jacket. In this case, the most classic colors were the protagonists. Although it was quite a revolution, these jackets left everything to the imagination. They were wide and with shoulder pads. So the female silhouette would be poorly defined.

80s casual fashion

Casual style for the day

In this case, we are going back to talking about wider and colored sweaters. In addition, they also had irregular necklines or those so unique, without shoulders. The high waisted jeans they were the order of the day. The rips in them were the delight of a daring fashion. Of course, they could not miss the huge earrings and the composition of bracelets one after another, as well as the shoes with quite colorful socks.

Inspiring looks from the 80s

looks with shorts

As we can see, shorts were already one of the most important pieces in fashion. For this, the hem and high rise had to go with them. In addition, they could be combined with a crop top with straps or a bodysuit with a dropped shoulder neckline. If the 70 fashion marked a before and after, it would not leave anyone indifferent.

Although we mentioned that colors were paramount, there was also a more relaxed part of fashion. That is why the combination of the black color with the denim garments they were two great incentives. Of course, always try to have accessories. You cannot imagine an eighties style without them. Jeans, short dresses, miniskirts that are combined with large earrings, glasses or hats. Which one would you choose?

80s hairstyles and makeup

Lacquer was essential at this time. For this, long manes had an extra added: volume. They were not looking for a perfect curl, but the volume of them. Similarly, the bangs were carded and the accessories were not long in coming. Big headbands or the flashiest hairpins were a great idea. For the trendy hairstyles in the 80s, the permanent was essential. Also the side ponytails and blonde tint were seen everywhere. The wet effect also began, but always with a casual style.

As to eighties makeupWell, what to say but that the colors were making their way into him again. The shades of pink were combined with mauves and even yellows. Yes, the touch of glitter or glitter a well-done makeup always finished. The blush and mascara completed a very marked style that highlighted the palette of colors that we would not even use today. A time to never forget!

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