Novels and stories published in March that we would like to read

Novels and stories published in March

Reviewing the publishers' catalogue, it seems difficult to choose among the many new releases. But we have decided to do it and we have selected 5 novels and stories published in March that we would like to read and among which we hope you will find one that catches your attention. You can find it now in your bookstore, buy it with a single click or wait a few weeks for it to be available in your library, if you can resist reading it now.

Swimming Underground. My years at the Warhol Factory

Mary woronov

  • Translation of Eugenia Vázquez Nacarino
  • Publisher: Reservoir books

Swimming Underground: My years at the Warhol Factory is the story of Mary Woronov, survivor of Andy Warhol's Factory period in the late sixties. Seduced by the decadent glamor of the scene that revolved around the artist, Woronov left university, appeared in numerous B movies, performed several times with The Velvet Underground and immersed herself in the drug culture that prevailed in New York. York most marginal.

In this book the protagonist takes the reader on a surreal journey in which she reflects first-hand her fascination with this circle of artists (Lou Reed, Nico, Gerard Malanga, Ondine), with the drag queens of the Factory, the parties and the excesses. We travel with her from her initial enthusiasm for belonging to this hipster counterculture to the absolute loss of control due to his addiction to amphetamines: this frenetic memoir is a truthful portrait of an era from the point of view of someone who lived it intensely and from the inside.

Swimming Underground. My years at the Warhol Factory

The distance that separates us

Maggie O'Farrell

  • Translation of Concha Cardeñoso
  • Publisher: Asteroid Books

Novels and stories published in March: The distance that separates us

Walking through London, Stella comes across a man who takes her back to an unbearable moment in her past. This encounter disturbs her so much that she immediately leaves work and, without telling anyone, she settles in a remote place in Scotland; Only her unpredictable sister Nina, to whom she has been very close since she was a child, will know where to find her. On the other side of the world, in Hong Kong, Jake and his girlfriend are enjoying the massive Chinese New Year celebration when an accident occurs. Stella and Jake don't know each other, but they are both running away from their lives: Jake searches for a place so remote it doesn't appear on any map, and Stella hides from something only her sister can understand the meaning of.

The distance that separates us is the new and expected novel by Maggie O'Farrell and one of the novels and stories published in March that we most want to read.

The dream of the Crespi family

Alessandra Selmi

  • Translation by Carlos Gumpert Melgosa
  • Publisher: Planeta

The dream of the Crespi family

North of Italy, banks of the Adda River, 1878. Cristoforo Crespi, son of a family of dyers, has achieved his dream: to inaugurate a textile factory surrounded by all the necessary services for the workers, a workers' colony like those you have seen in England and like those that have never been screened in your country. Emilia Vitali, daughter of one of the most faithful workers of the Crespi family, will witness the creation of a world in which it is possible to be born, live and die without having to leave its limits.

His life will be irremediably linked to that of the rest of the colony's inhabitants, such as the Malberti, the black soul of the town, or the Agazzi, a line of idealistic and rebellious proletarians. With them, Emilia lives the small and large convulsions of that microcosm and faces the storms of history: the bread revolts of 1898, the First World War, the workers' uprisings... However, his destiny will always be linked to that of Silvio Crespi, heir to the vision of his father Cristoforo. Despite the social abyss that separates them, Emilia will be his support at a time when the Crespi will run the risk of losing everything. Until fascism will finally arrive, and the colony, like the rest of the world, will never be the same again.

A sunny place for gloomy people

Mariana Enriquez

  • Publisher: Anagrama

A sunny place for gloomy people

Mariana Enriquez returns to the story with twelve horror stories. twelve stories about the evil that lurks and the presence of the monstrous. Whoever dares to delve into the pages of this book will feel a chill running down their spine, and a few other things. There are twelve horror stories, twelve stories about horror: about the evil that lurks and the monsters that suddenly appear in the most everyday reality, in large cities or small remote towns.

The divorced

Ursula Parrott

  • Translation by Patricia Anton
  • Gatopardo editions

The divorced

New York, 1924. Peter and Patricia are the perfect example of modern marriage. They both smoke, drink and work. When it comes to sex with third parties, they firmly believe in the “honesty policy”… until he stops believing. Suddenly, Patricia is forced to carve out a new life as a single. A very particular type of single: the divorced.

Editor of fashion advertisements in a department store, Patricia will try to reconcile the two facets of a liberated woman: diligent worker by day, young hedonist and sophisticated by night. But the frivolity of mundane life, nostalgia for an irretrievable ideal of eternal love, and failed romances with unavailable men make her suspect that "freedom for women turned out to be the greatest gift that God gave to men."

Which of these novels or stories published in March would you like to add to your library?

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