Nourish your hair before the summer


Prevention is always better than cure, so take care of and nourish your hair before the summer season. The rays of the sun, the sea, the sand, the salt, the chlorines of the pool, etc., are agents that make your hair suffer, for this reason we give you a few tips to nourish it, lor protect simply and effectively. 

Homemade masks are a good option to put into practice during this month so that both in July and in August your hair is great and strong to withstand the whole summer. If you have dyed hair or if you usually use a lot of chemicals, hairspray, sprays or hair straighteners, give it a break and pamper it with natural products. Do not hesitate. One of the things to keep in mind when having healthy hair is not to wash it every day, the hair needs to regenerate its own layers, as well as the scalp. The natural pH suffers and could be degraded if excessive cleaning is abused. In addition, it is convenient to cut the ends often and not to abuse curlers, irons or high-power dryers.

Natural masks

For dry or damaged hair

Next, I bring you some simple recipes that you can prepare at home in a moment and apply it to your hair. There is a mask for each particular case.

Nourishes the hair

To get the best results, apply it for ten days, every time you go to take a bath. To prepare it you will need an egg, a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, two tablespoons of mayonnaise and an avocado. 

Mix all the ingredients until you get a smooth paste. Use it with the dry hair, and apply it from the middle of the hair to the ends. Once all the mixture is in the hair, cover it with aluminum foil and give it heat with the help of the dryer so that the product penetrates better for no more than 10 minutes. After half an hour rinse the hair naturally.


Anti-frizz mask

It has the same duration as the previous one, but this one is composed of a tablespoon of almond oil, an avocado and an egg yolk. Better mix it in a plastic bowl and not a metal one because that way it will keep all its properties. Pour the entire mixture through dry hair, from roots to ends.
With the help of a plastic, wrap the hair so that the scalp absorbs all the product, the resting time should be of half an hour at least. After that time, rinse with warm water and let it air dry.

Soft hair

It is not necessary to apply it for ten days, twice a week will be more than enough. The ingredients for this mix will be a natural tomato and two tablespoons of corn. Crush the tomato first and mix with the flour. The resulting paste will be the one that makes your hair become soft and straight hair. You must apply it with the wet hair. Rest the mixture for thirty minutes. 

If you are in a time when you want to treat yourself and see yourself with better hair, be the envy among all your friends and carry out these masks. You have already observed that They are very easy to prepare, it only takes time and desire to pamper the hair before the summer.

You will see that the effects are noticeable almost instantly, damaged or dry hair will come back to life and you will be able to solve a large part of your problems without having to resort to chemical products and in many cases that are exceeded in price.


Hair tips

If you notice that your problem is rooted, that is, that it arises from the scalp, you should remedy it as soon as possible. We advise you to perform massages every time you shower to stimulate the entire area and for the blood to circulate effectively. The best way to do them is with the help of fingertips and never nails.

The blood will circulate as well as the oxygen that will make the skin regenerate from essential nutrients and will motivate the expulsion of harmful substances that remain on the scalp of the hair. The massage should be circular, exerting some pressure and giving small turns. 

It is ideal to combine these two techniques, that is, to apply the masks that we saw previously with a good hair massage so that the whole mixture penetrates and the benefits multiply. POn the other hand, we must not forget that diet is responsible for our health in general, therefore, we must take note and be attentive to the food we eat when we are in a beauty process.

Eating well directly affects our scalp, that is, it affects our skin. When your body lacks certain nutrients, it suffers and it is, for example, through dandruff that gives us the clue that we are lacking vitamins. Therefore, add seaweed to your daily menu, fresh vegetable juices, oily fish, nuts, oils, vegetable milks and fruits. Also, you should avoid eating fried foods, sauces, refined flours and all processed foods.

The sun, very beneficial on many occasions, can be a trigger for our hair to dry and frizz, therefore, the scalp can burn easily and it can cause unwanted dandruff, so on days with a lot of sun and when you have to be exposed to ultraviolet rays for many hours, keep a scarf or hat handy. 

Taking into account all these tips, As well as all the mask recipes you will see how the health of your hair is benefited and in just a few days of perseverance and routine. The results are very worth it, because this way, your hair will look healthy, strong and ready to enjoy the long-awaited summer that is just around the corner.

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