Keys to do a deep cleaning at home

deep cleaning at home

Doing a deep cleaning at home from time to time is essential to enjoy the well-being that a well-ordered and clean home provides. Also because it is the best way to preserve each of the parts that make up the home for a long time. Since, regardless of its economic value, with good care your things can remain in good condition for a long time.

To do a deep cleaning you must think beyond the ordinary tasks, since it is not about vacuuming or scrubbing a little more thoroughly. An good cleaning routine involves moving furniture away, clean inconspicuous areas, get rid of those things that no longer serve or renew decorative objects that help to see the house more beautiful.

The 4 keys to a deep cleaning

Organization is the key to success, in this and in whatever task you have to perform. Without good planning everything becomes chaotic, it takes much longer and it surely becomes a tedious task that is always left for another time. Thus, start by creating a to-do list in which you will write down the essentials, those that are not cleaned often such as the attic of the furniture, the drawers or behind the appliances.

Prepare all the cleaning utensils that you are going to need so that you do not have everything at hand and do not waste time when you start with Cleaning. To have a large garbage bag will serve you to throw everything that accumulates in the drawers and is no longer useful. As for cleaning products, you do not need to use a product for everything, with water, detergent, white cleaning vinegar and baking soda will be more than enough. Now that we have the previous preparation, let's see what are the keys to a deep cleaning.

Organization for greater effectiveness

  1. the drawers: Pull out the drawer in question and dumps its contents on the ground. Clean the drawer with warm water and detergent and while it dries, discard what is not useful. This way you will spend much less time cleaning and organizing the drawers.
  2. Remove the furniture: Behind the furniture a lot of dirt accumulates, as well as under them, because they are areas of difficult access. To achieve a deep cleaning it is essential to work in these areas. Empty the furniture so that it weighs less, remove it and clean the hidden wall, the floor that is under the furniture and the back wood itself.
  3. Wall: It may not be visible to the naked eye, but the corners of the walls and ceiling collect dust, insects, spider webs and all kinds of debris. To leave the walls looking like new, you just have to put a microfiber cloth on a clean broom. Remove the dust and residue, finally pass a cloth moistened with water and white vinegar to prevent insects from approaching that area for a while.
  4. Household appliances: Keeping them clean is very important because they are part of the kitchen, where food is prepared every day. But from time to time it is necessary to do a thorough cleaning to reach those less accessible areas. Take out the appliance, clean it from behind, also the floor and the wall that are hidden. Disassemble the pieces, in short, perform a thorough cleaning to leave the appliances as new.

Doing a thorough cleaning at home takes time, no matter how much you keep the house up to date. That's why you must take it easy and dedicate a day to each zone. This way you won't get overwhelmed by spending too much time locked up at home cleaning. Review the calendar and plan one day each week to dedicate to deep cleaning a specific space. And remember, cleaning the house is an obligation of all who live in it. Don't burden yourself with all the work, organize the tasks and thus all of you will take much less time to leave the perfect house.

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