Ideas to decorate the wall leading up to the stairs

how to decorate the wall on the stairs

Decorate the climbing wall on the stairs It is something that we must take into account if we do not want to see a rather boring area. When climbing the stairs we need to enjoy decorative details that welcome us. Therefore, if you can only think of one or two, we are willing to offer you a wider selection of them.

So when you see them, you will want to be going up and down the stairs all the time. Sometimes it is one of those areas that stay in the background and it is a mistake. Every corner of our home must have a good role. So, it's time to give it to them with these ideas that will serve as great inspiration and if not, check it out.

Decorate the wall leading up the stairs with paintings of different sizes

pictures for climbing the stairs

Pictures are always one of the best resources that we must take into account. It is true that many people are already bored with the idea, but you can always make it a little more creative. How? Well, stacking several paintings a little and making each one a different size. A kind of collage for the walls It's not bad at all. Of course, you can choose the same frame color for all of them, so that they integrate better into the final decoration.

a big mirror

mirror on stairs

Mirrors are similar to paintings: they always have to be present. So in this case there is nothing like letting ourselves be carried away by them. You can place some decorative ones as you go up or, take advantage of the staircase landing to place a larger one vertically. Without a doubt, in addition to decorating it will also add great light to this area, which is sometimes quite dark.

Hanging plants

hanging plants

To decorate the wall leading up to the stairs we have many options, but one of the most natural may be this one. Is about place some kind of supports on said wall and on them, a flower pot with your favorite plants. Without a doubt, it is another of those alternatives that must always be considered. Of course, choose colors and sizes according to the wall, its size and of course, the colors around it.



If you see that hanging pictures or mirrors doesn't suit you, you can always go one step further and opt for wallpaper. Yes, as you read, it is one of those perfect alternatives to give a more personal and original finish to the decoration of the stairs. It is a great alternative because you will have endless models to choose from, both in colors and designs or prints.

Create a tree of life

decorative tree of life

It is true that we return to the paintings a little, but perhaps in this case you will like them even more. Because it's about getting a vinyl in the shape of a tree of life and stick it to the wall on the stairs. If it is a wide rise, then this vinyl should also be a good size. Then, in each of its branches you can place photos of your family, of those special moments. Without a doubt, it is a nice souvenir and a great decorative option.

Take advantage of space with shelves

stair shelves

We always tend to complain that we don't have space or that we don't have enough space. Well, this is another one of those perfect options that you can apply. Because it is about place a series of shelves along the entire wall. Which means that you can always enjoy more space, place decorative details or whatever you want, which will surely not be enough. Small lamps, vases or paintings...You decide!

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