How to remove nail polish from clothes

remedies to clean stains of nail polish

The enamels are the protagonists to be able to show off the best manicures. We combine them in colors and patterns but without realizing it, sometimes we can drop a drop of them. Do you know how to remove nail polish from clothes? Before we throw our hands at our heads and think that all is lost, we have a lot to tell you.

Because removing polish from clothing can be a bit cumbersome, but we will succeed. You don't have to say goodbye to your favorite shirt or pants just because your nail polish has fallen off. You just have to bet on the following steps and tricks that we have for you!

How to remove polish from clothes without acetone

It is true that when we want to remove the nail polish, we resort to acetone. Because just in one go we will say goodbye to colors or designs or trend manicure who had accompanied us. But in this case we are talking about garments, fabrics and we want to be a little more careful with them. So in this first point, we are going to see how to remove nail polish from clothes without acetone. Write them all down because they will serve you a lot!

With absorbent paper

If the polish has just fallen off right now and is still wet, then what you can do is place a napkin or a piece of very absorbent kitchen paper on it. This will cause the paint to permeate the paper. and it is easier to remove from your fabric. But be careful, do not drag or rub because then you will spread the enamel. With this gesture you will remove the maximum amount, but that does not mean that later you have to wash the garment with warm water.

Apply a piece of ice

When the stain is wet, as we have just seen, it is usual that it can spread slightly. Therefore, it is always better to try to harden it. How can we do it? Placing a piece of ice wrapped in a clothoo compress. When you see that it hardens, you can scratch with your nail lightly and gradually remove those strips that it leaves behind.

How to remove nail polish from clothes

Insect repellent

Yes, that spray that we always have on hand for when we need to get rid of insects can also be our best ally to remove enamel from clothes. The best thing you can do is apply a little to a cloth or toothbrush that you no longer use. Then, it will consist of rubbing on the stain, but without going overboard in case the garment in question is delicate.


In the same way as the spray for insects, it arrives another of the most special remedies. Because it is about betting on some of those that we have at home, such as hairspray. The procedure is similar to the one mentioned, since we will have to apply a little lacquer and then rub. You can do it again on a toothbrush to get better results.

Talcum powder

Another of the most recommended remedies is this. When you have already removed the excess but the stain still does not come out, then apply some talcum powder. Let it sit overnight and the next morning you will give it a gentle brush and wash the garment as usual.

We will try not to rub too much in any case and try first on a small area of ​​the garment, in case it resists well to some ingredients. So that way we don't spoil it.

How to remove polish from a fabric sofa

Clothes are the protagonist, yes, but What happens if you are painting your nails on the couch and the odd drop falls off? Surely it has happened to you because we are already seeing the face you have made when reading it. Well, there are also some steps that you should take into account if it happens again:

  • If you realize that it just fell off, then we will have to withdraw as much as possible. That is, you can do it with the help of an orange stick or even a spoon that you have on hand.
  • Then remember the trick of the paper. You will put it on the stain but without rubbing so that it continues to absorb.
  • You can slightly dampen the fabric for later clean it with a specific upholstery product. We will do this when the stain is no longer so liquid.
  • Acetone is always a good remedy against enamel stains but not always for fabrics. Hence, it is best to first try in a corner that is not visible. You wait for it to dry and if you see that nothing happens, then moisten a cotton ball and gently dab over the stain. Don't drag it! Try to be patient and repeat the process. Be careful, if the fabric has been damaged where you have tried, then opt for an acetone-free nail polish remover.
  • The mixture of baking soda and water is also perfect for the sofa and its enamel stain. You moisten a cloth in it and press it over the stain so that it absorbs the nail polish. Little by little you will see how it disappears. Now you know how to remove nail polish from clothes!

Tricks to remove enamel from clothes

How to remove polish from polyester clothing

How sure you already know, when we talk about polyester we make it from a synthetic fiber which is a very common and widely used type of fabric. So it may also be that the garment in question that we have stained is made of said fabric. Then we will bet on the fastest and most reliable method. But be careful, we must always look carefully at the labels and try in a small area so as not to get last minute surprises.

In this case, let's just put a drop of acetone on the stain. Since just that amount will be enough to cover the enamel. Quickly what we will do is wipe with a dry cloth so that it absorbs the enamel. That is, we add the acetone and then dry it with said cloth. Always avoiding spreading the stain further. If you see that it has not gone completely, you can always do the same but hydrogen peroxide. Yes, it is another of those options that does not work for all fabrics, as we are already commenting, but we must recognize that when we can use it, its result will surprise us more than ever. One way or another, you will be able to say goodbye to this type of stain, but sometimes, we must be a bit persistent.

How to remove nail polish from clothes quickly

As we are seeing, speed does not always accompany us in tricks like those of today. Sometimes we must repeat the process until there is no mark. Hence, this idea will help us a lot. Put some absorbent paper napkins and on them the garment face down. That is, with the stain towards said napkins. Again and on the other hand, we are going to pass a cotton ball with a little acetone or hydrogen peroxide. You will have to do it several times until you see that the enamel no longer stains the napkins, because it has disappeared. Still, use a stain remover and wash the garment as usual. Do you have any trick you want to contribute?

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