How to remove dirt from the car steering wheel?

Steering wheel

The steering wheel of a car is one of the parts most exposed to dirt inside our vehicle. In addition to accumulating dust, the constant contact with our hands causes it to trap grease, dirt and also germs. Due to dirt, its aesthetics are affected, but not only its aesthetics! Today we talk about the importance of keeping it clean and we share with you different ways to remove dirt from the car steering wheel.

How often should I clean it?

During the day we continually rest our hands on different surfaces and touch all kinds of objects. Later, when we get in the car and we put our hands on the wheel, the grease, dirt and bacteria from these pass to the steering wheel where they accumulate day after day with the danger that entails.

And beyond spoiling the aesthetics of the steering wheel, the accumulated dirt can affect hand grip making its surface more slippery and harming our control of the vehicle and therefore safety on the road.

Therefore, it is important to clean the steering wheel regularly. Experts recommend removing dirt from the car steering wheel and disinfecting it, At least once a week, to eliminate not only dirt, but also pathogens. And how to do it?

Defensive Midfielder

Methods to clean the steering wheel

In general, as we have already mentioned, it is recommended to clean the car steering wheel regularly to prevent the build-up of dirt and grease. Discover which are the most common products to do so and which are or are not recommended taking into account the material of the steering wheel.

Common products, are they recommended?

Most of us use products that are not specifically for car cleaning. Household products that we use to clean other surfaces. But, do you know that these could damage your car's steering wheel in the medium term? Discover the drawbacks, if any, of these common products:

  • Soap and water: A well-wrung cloth with soap and water seems a priori to be a good formula for cleaning the steering wheel, however, if your car's steering wheel is made of leather, in the medium term it could dry out and open progressively.
  • Alcohol. Mix isopropyl alcohol with water in a spray bottle and spraying the solution on a soft cloth to clean the steering wheel is another common method. And the truth is that depending on the material and concentration it can be aggressive when used frequently.
  • Sanitol: If we use it to disinfect the surfaces in our home, why not use it in the car? This popular cleaning product can eliminate up to 99% of bacteria and viruses but can be very aggressive for leather steering wheels.
  • Baby wipes: Baby wipes are convenient for superficially cleaning the steering wheel, but they do not kill bacteria and germs in most cases.

Cleaning depending on the material of the steering wheel

As you have seen, all cleaning solutions have some buts. To avoid this it is important know the material of the steering wheel and according to this matter, choose the appropriate solutions and specific products.


The ideal way to clean a leather steering wheel is to use a specific cleaner for said material and apply it with a soft cloth following the manufacturer's instructions. Since most steering wheels are covered in leather, there is a wide variety of products on the market and they can be purchased at many stores.

Faux leather or vinyl

If you know that your steering wheel is not made of leather but you are not sure what material it is, you can always clean it with water and a little neutral soap. To do this, take a clean cloth, moisten it with the soap and water solution and gently rub the steering wheel in circular movements. If you find areas that are difficult to clean, you can also use a soft toothbrush to reach them. Once clean, remember to dry the steering wheel well with a clean cloth.


Additionally, in order to disinfect the steering wheel you could use a cleaner such as sanitol, present in most homes. Although the ideal for this would be to opt for a conditioner for synthetic leather and vinyl.


Wooden steering wheels are not so common but they exist. In these cases, the ideal is to use a specific product for wood. A furniture polish It is ideal since it not only removes dirt but also adds shine.

As you can see, removing dirt from the car steering wheel is not difficult, we just have to know the appropriate products for it and remember to do it with some regularity, once a week.

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