How to put a washing machine correctly

Washing machine

Do you have your laundry well organized at home? Organize the washing machine and knowing how to put it correctly to get the most out of it, in addition to helping you save water and energy, contributes to better conservation of your clothes. But, How to put a washing machine correctly? We all use washing machines at home, but we probably do it in different ways and not all of them are correct. That's why today we share with you some keys and a simple step by step.

Sort clothes

What type do you want to wash? The first step to putting on the washing machine will be to take a look at your dirty clothes basket and sort the clothes in it. The normal thing is to do it both by colors and depending on the composition of the garments. And some garments will need delicate or specific programs for a better result, such as sweaters and other woolen garments or sportswear. Reading the labels will help you in this process, although it is likely that by now you know a high percentage of your clothes well without having to consult them.

By color, you must classify the clothes into two groups: colored clothes and white clothes. Colored clothing is those in shades of red, green, blue, etc. dark or alive. White clothing, for its part, does not have to be limited to only this color unless you are going to use bleach or other whiteners. Clothes in very very soft tones that have already been washed before could be included in this group, as well as underwear always in a mesh or mesh bag.

How to remove mold from clothes

Put the clothes in the washing machine

Have you already decided what type of clothes you want to wash? The ideal is that put the clothes inside out So that zippers and buttons are less exposed and for those that are smaller or more delicate, use special washing bags to ensure that they do not suffer snags or other damage. And if you are going to wash dark clothes and you fear that something might fade, use color trap wipes to avoid scares.

You also won't be able to put everything you want in the washing machine. Your washing machine will have a maximum load that you must respect if you don't want its useful life to be reduced due to weight. Take advantage of the maximum capacity to save water and energy but do not exceed this. And if you have few clothes, wait until you have more or use a half-load program,

Add detergent and fabric softener

Detergent is essential, how else can we get rid of the dirt on our clothes? The vast majority of washing machines have 3 compartments in their drawer and generally the central one is the one intended for or powder or liquid detergent, whether commercial or your own homemade soap for washing clothes. In this you must put the detergent in just the right amount, always following the recommendations of each manufacturer and using the measuring cap so as not to overdo it.

It is usual that to the left of the main box there is another one for the prewash detergent, which is recommended for clothes that are very dirty. While the third, which is usually marked with the symbol of a flower, is intended for fabric softener.

fabric softener

And what happens to the fabric softener? In principle softener is not necessary and in fact, it is highly inadvisable to use it when washing sports clothing, wool, linen, silk or organic cotton. Did you know that you can also use a good splash of white vinegar instead? This is also ideal for remove bad smell from clothes.

Choose the washing program

Choosing the right washing program is key to running a washing machine correctly. Not only will you take better care of your clothes, but you will ensure that they come out sparkling, avoiding unnecessary expenses. And to know which program is the most suitable, there is nothing like having read the garment labels and having done a good classification.

Do you want to know how put a dark clothes washer? Lightly soiled clothes are best washed in short programs and with cold water as this damages the clothes less. A quick general program may be sufficient for this type of garment and avoid fading.

Prevent closet moths

Lightly soiled clothes made of delicate fabrics are also best washed in short programs and with cold water. Generally, a washing machine has specific programs for wash delicate clothes o wash woolen clothes. So try to pack the sweaters together since these programs take special care of them and prevent them from shrinking.

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. long wash cycles with hot water (water over 40ºC) reserve them for laundry with very dirty clothes or those that are washed infrequently such as bedding. Hot water eliminates the most stubborn dirt, now you must make sure that the clothes tolerate those temperatures.

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