How to protect your house from mosquitoes

how to protect your house from mosquitoes

The hot season is coming and of course, one of the most anticipated. But there is one small detail, literally, that we don't like as much as the station itself: the mosquitoes. They always appear at night to prevent us from falling asleep and of course, they are quite annoying. Not only because of the noise but because of the stings they can leave on our skin. Do you want to know how to protect your house from mosquitoes?

Surely you have tried everything but we will tell you that there are always more solutions to take into account. It is time, not to have to get rid of them but to make them no longer want to enter our home In any way. If you want to know the best remedies that you have at your disposal, it is time to let yourself be carried away by what follows.

Water with vinegar to protect your house from mosquitoes

It is true that mosquito nets will always be a great invention and we have no doubt about that. But sometimes if they don't work quite as we would like, then there is nothing like betting on new ideas in the form of strong smells. Yeah, Mosquitoes hate strong odors. and therefore, there is nothing like thinking about placing a container of water with vinegar. You will leave this in a corner of the window. You will see how you will not have guests of this type this summer!

home candles

Light a candle with citronella

The smell of lemon is also quite strong for them, so it is another of the most suitable remedies to protect your house from mosquitoes. How will we do it? Well, very simple because we only need to light a candle that has a couple of drops of citronella oil around it. You can place it in the candle container or directly buy one that has a similar lemon smell. It will leave the house with a very pleasant fresh smell, but for them it will be quite the opposite. So, it is important to place it near doors or windows to prevent these uninvited guests from entering.

Lavender water

Surely the lavender smell You love it, but your mosquito friends don't like it so much. So another of the great remedies is to place a few drops of this essential oil in a container with water. The same thing we had done with the vinegar. When we have it, we will decorate the window area And you surely have a corner nearby where you can place this remedy and enjoy how well it works.



Geraniums are a wide choice of plants that have different colors. Of course, it doesn't hurt to have some in our home. In this case not because it is a perfect option to decorate but also because mosquitoes hate geraniums. Because among so much variety, the smells will also be different and that is why we will find that some have an aroma similar to citrus but others to cinnamon and even mint. So when it comes to intense aromas, you already know that mosquitoes won't get through them.

Cook mint and basil

Two fresh aromas if they exist and for that reason, they are perfect for us but not for insects. In this case you must cook some mint leaves with basil. Then you will strain it and let it cool. With the result of this water, what you are going to do is apply it to the skin. Yes, it works as a natural repellent that we do not need to place on the window but directly on our body. So that they stop biting us, at least for one summer. Store the remaining water in the refrigerator.

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