How to Prevent and Relieve Allergic Rhinitis Symptoms in Children

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With the arrival of spring, there are many cases of allergy that occur in a large part of the population. In the case of children, the most common is known as allergic rhinitis.

This respiratory condition is quite annoying for the smallest of the house since it causes a strong congestion in the nose along with significant irritation in the eyes. In the following article we show you a series of tips that can help alleviate these symptoms.

What are the symptoms of allergic rhinitis in children?

The presence of pollen in the environment is the main cause of allergic rhinitis in children. This allergy causes tearing and irritation in the eyes together with a large amount of mucus in the nostrils and a certain itch in the throat. It is a series of symptoms that are quite annoying for the little ones, hence the importance of preventing and alleviating them.

How to prevent the symptoms of allergic rhinitis

  • It is important to keep the environment in the home as clean and pure as possible so it is essential to clean the entire house on a regular basis.
  • You should avoid having plants that produce pollen and animals that lose a lot of hair.
  • The child's room must be ventilated every day and wash bedding once a week.
  • Avoid drafts inside the house and spaces with too much dust.
  • It is very important to wash your child's hands several times a day, especially if he has been playing in the street.
  • A good diet is key when it comes to preventing the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. The diet should be rich in fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C. The intake of folic acid is ideal to prevent possible symptoms caused by allergy.

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How to relieve symptoms of allergic rhinitis

Drugs or medications are key when it comes to alleviating symptoms. Both antihistamines and corticosteroids must be administered by prescription.

Apart from such drugs, You can take good note of a series of tips that help alleviate the aforementioned symptoms:

  • Clean and wash the child's nostrils well with the help of saline solution.
  • Raise the mattress off the bed to prevent mucus from accumulating in the nostrils.
  • Using a humidifier in the room it is important when it comes to getting a humid environment.
  • Drinking lots of water helps mucus soften and don't have too much stuffy nose.
  • Cleanse the eyes with gauze and a little saline solution.

In short, with the arrival of spring, allergic rhinitis is quite common in children, being the symptoms of said allergy they are quite annoying and uncomfortable. It is important that parents take all possible preventive measures so that the child can lead a life as comfortable as possible and that it is not harmed by the aforementioned allergic rhinitis.

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