How to dress to be a guest at a wedding


Spring has come and with it the season of weddings and communions. This time of year is characterized by its great activity in regard to this type of event. The first rays of sunlight that bring us closer to summer, with its warm but not suffocating temperature, are perfect for a celebration that depends a lot on the weather for its success.

Many of us accumulate wedding invitations, and we may feel somewhat overwhelmed with so much preparation. What if an ideal hairstyle, a perfect makeup, an impeccable manicure ... And let's see if you can find a bag and shoes that go well with the dress ... Being a wedding guest requires a lot of work!

But don't worry, we want to help you and take some weight off your shoulders with a few good tips to make the search for the perfect look much more enjoyable. Keep these key points in mind and you will see how it is impossible for you to fail. Everyone will envy your good taste and elegance.

According to the protocol

The protocol

First of all, you have to know that nowadays the dress protocol is no longer so strict or so important and that rather it depends on what the bride and groom want. If this is the case and it is an essential requirement that you attend the wedding according to the protocol or if it is simply what you want to do, then we will help you with it.

It is actually much easier than you might think. If it is a wedding that is celebrated in the morning, you have to go short, while if it is celebrated in the afternoon or evening, it goes long. The godmother is the only exception, since she can also go long during the day. As for the colors, just go for the ones that look good on you and aren't too garish.

The place and the theme


The place of the celebration, be it for the ceremony, the banquet or anything else, is very important. The attire for a beach wedding is not the same as for a traditional church wedding. Find out well about all the details of the place and its terrain. Since this it will influence your dress and the type of footwear you wear.

The same thing happens with the theme, normally this will be the simplest part, since if there is a specific theme at the wedding, you will probably receive precise instructions on what you should bring. If you are not sure, or it is a topic that is not familiar to you, it is better that you ask who is responsible for the organization of the wedding. It would also be good if you did a little research on the subject, on the internet you will find examples that will inspire you in what you are looking for.

The time of year and the weather


Another very important thing is the time of year, that is, do not buy a summer dress for a wedding that is going to be held in winter, and vice versa. Not only will it be unsightly, but also you will not be comfortable wearing clothes that are not in accordance with the temperature.

Also take into account the time you are going to do, although it is true that it is something difficult to anticipate well in advance, there are certain things that must be taken into account. For example, if you know that the wedding has a date in a rainy season, or when it is very windy, it is better that you are prepared for that possibility. And when there's a week left until the event, check the weather forecast to be more sure.



If you have been the bridesmaid, you should know that you have certain obligations, and of course, the most important of them is to make the bride happy. To do this, you have to know that you should not dazzle her, basically you have to avoid attracting more attention than her.

If the bride has already chosen your dress, then there is no problem, although, equally, make sure that your accessories are discreet. But if not, avoid flashy and bright colors, and of course do not wear the same color as the bride. Also, choose a simple cut, which is not too daring.

General advice

Finally, stay with some of these tips so that nothing fails you:

  • Although the wedding is very informal, don't even think about wearing a T-shirt and jeans. You can always fix yourself, even a little bit. You can wear dress pants and a blouse, for example.
  • If you plan to dance or stand all night, try to wear very comfortable shoes or even bring some dancers to change after the ceremony. Your feet will thank you.
  • If you have several weddings in a short time and you cannot invest in many different dresses. Get hold of a basic dress, simple cut and neutral color. And just change the accessories, makeup and hairstyle for each wedding.
  • Do not forget carry a mirror in your bag, so you can keep an eye on your makeup and hairstyle and you will look great in all photos.

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