How to disinfect a navel piercing

How to disinfect a navel piercing

Do you know how to disinfect a navel piercing? Because it is one of the great doubts that assail us when we make a hole in the body and more, in one such as the navel, that enough dirt accumulates even if we do not want to. So, today you are going to get out of all those possible doubts.

In order to show it off, we must always follow a series of recommendations. All of them will prevent the infection from spreading and allow us to show off our jewel as soon as possible. Yes indeed, also try to follow the instructions given by the professional that I did it to you because now we start with ours.

What can I do to disinfect a piercing

We have already advanced that a navel piercing can be a bit more difficult to keep infection free. More than anything because it is an area where dirt accumulates in the blink of an eye. So we need to pay close attention to it and we will repeat the process a couple of times each day.

  • If you are going to touch the wound, we must wash well with soap and water. But this one that does not contain perfumes but better to opt for a neutral one.
  • For the area in question, it is also necessary wash it with a little water and mild soap. Although physiological saline is also indicated. We must spray it with it, checking that it soaks the hole well.
  • When it comes to cleaning it, You can move the piercing but with great care and just to raise or lower it, so there is no crust in between. The first days we must make sure of it because that is when we need it most.
  • Once clean, we need to dry the area but we will not use towels or anything similar. But better a gauze and giving small soft touches, avoiding dragging, because it can bother us.

How to know if the piercing is infected

How to heal a navel piercing

In addition to the steps we just mentioned, there is always something else to remember because it is just as important. So, if you are wondering how to heal a navel piercing, then you should know all of the following:

  • After washing and cleaning it, it is also convenient to apply a disinfectant, to prevent infections that may arise. But never use alcohol on the wound.
  • With a stick from the ears and moistened in warm water, you will be able to soften the scabs that sometimes appear. Instead of pulling them and making us a bigger wound, it is always better to follow this step to remove them more easily.
  • Do not remove the piercing. You must move it as we have indicated, but always leave it in place unless the doctor recommends otherwise.
  • We are talking about a wound that usually takes time to heal. So you should wait two or three weeks before going to the pool and if you go, it is best to cover it as much as possible, keeping it as far as possible from the chlorine.
  • Do not wear very tight clothing in this area either., that can rub against the jewel or that it can even get caught. Because jerks are not good during the healing process.

How to heal a navel piercing

How to tell if a navel piercing is infected

It is true that not everyone will get the same reaction. But yes, when we talk about infection in a piercing, we are clear that there are a series of symptoms that we should not overlook.

  • The belly button will be redder than usual. Although it is true that the first days it can be and without infection.
  • You will notice more heat in the area and you will see some inflammation.
  • Moreover, when you touch it it will hurt and the pus will start to make an appearance.
  • In already very extreme cases, it can give a little fever, but it is certainly not common. If so, then you should consult with your doctor.

At all times you have to have a little patience, because it is a wound and it can take several weeks or months to heal completely. Now you know how to disinfect a navel piercing!

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