Have you thought about turning your hobby into a business?

Turn your hobby into a business idea

Have you ever thought of creating a business around a hobby creative or artistic? We are sure that many of you will have thought about it but later you will have felt afraid of taking the leap, are we wrong? Today, our purpose is that you consider it as an opportunity to earn some money with what you like to do the most.

Are you good at painting, sewing, leatherworking, pottery shaping, weaving, or taking pictures? Appeal to the unique and genuine object is today a claim that through the social media can help you monetize your hobby. There are many profitable businesses that have been born this way, but it is by no means just a matter of talent and luck; behind there is always a plan, training and work. Do you want to know the keys to turn your hobby into a business? We share them with you today

Make a plan

Turning an idea into an opportunity requires a plan. Y to draw up a plan One must ask oneself some questions: Do I have the right equipment to turn my hobby into a business? Is it economically viable? What do I want to sell and to whom?

Business strategy

Enjoying a creative hobby and making a living from it are very different things. To make a living from it beyond the work you do, you will have to get hold of an audience and turn your hobby into a job. Or what is the same to adapt your hobby to the complex world of business and this is not something that is achieved in two days.

Considering this is important plan a strategy From the beginning. A strategy that will serve as a guide during the first steps, the most difficult ones! always keeping in mind that this will require modifications as you progress. If you are scared of risks, first think of a strategy that allows you to earn a living by working part-time for others and dedicating the other half to your hobby. There will be time to move on.

Consider it a job

If you want to earn money you will have to start consider your hobby a job. That is, you will have to prioritize and plan each week based not only on the projects you have to deliver but also on those complementary jobs that becoming an entrepreneur entails.

Starting a business from a hobby we enjoy is motivating, but being autonomous and dependent on yourself carries a series of responsibilities. You will need time to train, to create, to deal with your clients and to manage the technical part of the business. And yes, an agenda so you don't forget anything.


Train and ask

You have probably spent years dedicated to that hobby that you are now considering turning into a business. And we do not doubt that you will have acquired over the years knowledge that has made you improve, but if you do not have also business management knowledge it will be difficult for you to get a business going.

Training is important. Take a course in online marketing and commerce, accounting and networking to find out how to get the most out of them. And get in touch with professionals in the same sector or business associations who can advise and support you in your project.  Talk to other professionals That they have started the same path that you started years ago is usually enlightening. And it is that they have already learned based on bad and good decisions, mistakes and successes.

Make your work known

Today, having an online presence is essential. Social networks are the key tool to reach your target or target audience. But to stand out in them you will need create a brand as a professional, a graphic line with which users identify you and that makes you stand out from the competition.

In the networks, especially on Instagram, this brand design becomes highly relevant. But don't just upload product photos; Potential clients will sympathize with your work faster if you allow them to discover how you work, what tools you use or what you draw inspiration from; your most personal side.

Think that in addition to making money with those products you create, you could in the future offer tools and keys so that the user can learn to make their own creations. It would be a way to diversify your work once you have managed to make a hole for yourself.

Online showcase

Create alliances and new avenues

Whatever you do, there will always be someone who shares your artistic vision. Finding them and creating synergies could contribute to the growth of your business. Collaborations Both with other profiles in networks and with specialized publications, they are always a great ally.

It will also help you turn your hobby into a business create new ways or utilities for your product that differentiate you from the competition. When starting any business, it is essential to focus on differentiation.

Have you ever considered turning your hobby into a business? Hop up! If it is not something that requires a large initial investment, give it a try! If you think about it too much, you will miss it again. At Bezzia we promise to expand some of these points soon with more tools and information.


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