Great benefits of beets for your health


Today we are going to discover you the great ones benefits of beets for your health. Without a doubt, it is another of those foods to consider and that we need in our diets. Surely from today and having read everything that follows, you will not be without them. They will be first on the shopping list!

Because red beet is what gives us great contributions to our body. It is one of the vegetables that has vitamin C, as well as a high content of fiber and of course, antioxidants. But it must be taken into account that both the root and its leaves can be used. Don't miss out on everything that follows!

Health benefits of beets

  • Lower blood pressure: It is said that beet juice is capable of lowering the pressure, but only in a few hours. To do this, you just have to blend a beet until it gives you a glass of its juice. By containing nitric oxide, this will make the blood vessels relax.
  • Extra iron intake: Many people are looking for a extra help with the iron issue. It is common to have it low and therefore, food can help to raise it. So, beets will be that perfect helper. Integrate it into your main meals.

Benefits of red beets

  • Against osteoporosis: If you want to keep your bones very strong and away from diseases like this, then you need to have a glass of beet juice. It is also perfect to help maintain calcium levels.
  • Thyroid: There are many people who have thyroid problems. Since beets have a high dose of iodine, they will be perfect to help us in this task. In this case, you can take it as a juice or re-integrate it into your healthier dishes.

Benefits of beet greens

While we have mentioned the great benefits of the beet itself, we cannot forget about its leaves. The truth is that they are usually thrown away, but until now. From now on, you will also consume them because they have high amounts of vitamin A and also, C. They also have more iron than spinach and are composed of minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus or zinc, among others. They are also said to fight diseases like Alzheimer's and help keep our immune system stronger than ever.

Pasta salad with beets

The nutritional contribution or composition of beets

On the one hand and on the other, we are seeing all the nutritional contribution that this food has. But it does not hurt to give it its true prominence. It must be said that it has low calories. One of the fundamental points in which we always tend to fixate when consuming a food. Every 100 grams of beets, we will have about 43 calories. Of carbohydrates, we would be talking about 9,6 g, also starting from 100 grams of product. The fats are very low and are around 0,17 g and 2,8 g of fiber.

Beetroot cream

How can I take beets

As it is a vegetable, it can always be eaten both raw and cooked. But logically raw it will keep each and every one of its properties. If you are going to cook them, do not peel them, just add them as is to the pot with water. Raw, you can grate them and add to your salads or favorite dishes. If you don't like it raw, but you don't want to cook them, then baked will be your best option.

It must be remembered that in this way it also maintains its great benefits. Buy them fresh but not packaged so that they maintain their qualities. Of course, if you have leftovers, you can always store them in plastic bags and take them to the fridge. Here they will be kept for a couple of weeks, if you leave them at room temperature in about 3 days they will already get worse. You can take the beet two or three times a week and soak up its great virtues.

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