6 foods that are harmful to your skin

foods harmful to the skin

Did you know that there are foods that are harmful to the skin? Sometimes we don't notice it but of course food is always the great foundation of each day and as such, we must know how to choose what we eat well. A healthy diet is always synonymous with good health and this will be seen both inside and out. The skin also has a lot to tell us when it doesn't feel well.

If you want to take good care of it, you not only have to pay attention to certain habits where creams are also protagonists. But through food you will be able to improve your appearance. Some foods are to be consumed every day and others, it is better not to see them even from a distance. We tell you everything below.

Foods that are harmful to the skin: sugars

I'm sure it didn't need to be mentioned because sugar should always be removed from any diet, as far as possible. Everyone needs a treat, but generally speaking, it is better for sugar consumption to be reduced. The reason is because sugars are responsible for weakening our skin and this is summarized in less production of collagen as well as elastin. So wrinkles will appear sooner than we expect.

processed foods

Processed foods

It is true that when we are in a hurry we usually use the processed foods. for what you are They are not fresh and have endless additives, which makes them not as healthy as we might think. Therefore, they become other foods that are harmful to the skin. Since in this case they can cause circulatory problems and leave us with much less hydrated skin in general.

Fried foods

In the same way as the previous ones, Fried foods are not part of a healthy diet either.. Because they damage blood circulation and therefore oxygen will not reach our skin correctly. As a consequence you will notice that you have more oil on your skin and therefore, more acne or pimples. So, in order to prevent them, it is advisable to spend a period of time without consuming this type of food and you will see an improvement in the texture of your skin.

red meat

Red meat

It is true that taking them once a week will not be harmful at all, since we know that things taken in a balanced way will not harm us as much as we think. But if we go too far then Red meat can damage both our body and skin.. Since they do not usually have the same properties as white meat. So this one can be on our plate every day while we should leave the red one aside. Alterations in the skin do not wait. Surely both turkey, chicken or rabbit can leave you with delicious dishes on your daily menus and also totally healthy.


If we choose sausages to have from time to time, it is best to make sure that they are made with more than 85 or 90% chicken meat, for example. Because if not the vast majority may be offering us meat with high amount of sodium as well as saturated fat or nitrates. All of this can cause the skin to become inflamed and as a result you will see various redness. But deep down we know that cholesterol will increase and so will cardiovascular risk. So, if you like them, you should choose well and those with the most meat.

White bread

It is one of the essentials on many people's tables, but white bread is a refined carbohydrate and can make the sugar it contains not so beneficial, destroying collagen What we need so much for our skin to have the elasticity we deserve.

It is best to have one balanced diet with fresh foods, free of fat as well as sugars. In this way you will be taking care of your body inside and outside it will be reflected in the skin.

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