Eye pencil colors with anti-aging effect

Eye pencil colors with anti-aging effect

As we age, our face dulls and our eyes look more tired, something we can counteract by adapting our makeup. And in the same way that our face changes, so should our makeup. Do you know that there are colors of eye pencils with anti-aging effect? Discover them!

In terms of eye makeup there are colors that remain years and help rejuvenate the face. When black starts to feel heavy, it's time to change! Use these four shades of eye pencils to line your eyes and achieve a younger, brighter look.

Yes to eye pencil

A birthday doesn't have to make us give up our makeup. However, from 60 If it is convenient to adapt it to see ourselves more favored. Subtle changes that will rejuvenate our face among which of course is not giving up eyeliner, but using it differently than we have done so far.

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Outlining the eyes will continue to be a great way to define our look at 50, 60, and 70. It will also help us focus attention in this way hiding other traces of age, but we should probably abandon black and surrender to other colors.

4 colors with rejuvenating effect

When the face loses luminosity and the look becomes tired, black begins to be too hard. Therefore, for have a fresher look, Experts recommend trying other eyeliner colors such as the following:


If you have been using black eyeliner every day for 40 years and find it difficult to get rid of it, brown is the best alternative for you. The brown pencils They harden less than the black ones, helping to soften expression lines, but they are still dark and fantastic for daytime makeup with a natural result.

Brown eye pencil

Brown pencils are an excellent option for everyday use and look fantastic when eyelash is brown or blonde, but what happens to those who have black eyelashes? Many will tell you go ahead! However, if the tab is black, others will invite you to use your old black pen next to the brown one. How should I do it? You may be wondering. Well, drawing a black line between the eyelashes and a brown one above them. It's probably being too picky, but it was our obligation to share this trick.

Dark blue

If you want a much brighter look, Among the colors of eye pencils with an anti-aging effect, dark blue is your color. It is also an ideal color to achieve a more special makeup since it is tremendously striking.

The fact of being very striking will also benefit your face since will draw attention to the colored area, reducing the bags or dark circles you may have. Come on, it will make these go more unnoticed.

Don't you think it's a very nice color? elegant and shiny for an evening look? We are imagining it with a total black look and the image seems ideal to us. Yes, you can also adapt it to everyday makeup but you have to be more daring for it, don't you agree?

Blue and green eye pencils


The green It also gives a lot of light to the eyes, which favors those who have partly lost it due to age. And how blue is a happier and fun alternative to brown. However, green is more discreet than blue, which is why many prefer it to blue for daytime makeup. There are also many shades that you can play with, our favorites being moss green and forest green.

Lilacs and purples

Lilacs and purples are colors that few of you have probably thought about and yet they provide a broad and rejuvenated look. They also look fantastic whatever the color of your iris, making it an excellent choice especially for special events and celebrations.

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