Exercises to slim legs

How to lower leg volume

Do you want to know what are the best exercises to slim your legs? Today you are going to leave doubts because it is one of those options that many and many demand. It is not always easy to lower that specific area of ​​our body and for that reason, we tend to quickly despair.

Therefore, it is best to make a combination of basic exercises, other specific ones and all this surround it with a healthy diet where there are. Only then can we achieve everything we set out to do. Of course, you must have a little patience and insistence. Do we start fighting for our goal?

How to burn leg fat fast

Although we want to, we have already mentioned that we cannot always lose fat in any area of ​​the body in a hurry. But it is true that we can find some routes a little shorter. The first one is to think about a healthy diet or lifestyle. We don't have to go hungry Not much less, but we do reduce our calorie intake, opt for more vegetables and proteins, keep carbohydrates but take fried foods and pastries out of our lives for a while.

Feeding to lower legs

On the other hand, there is the part of the exercise that is completed with food. In this case, you can start by jumping into doing disciplines such as cardiovascular activities. Which are? Well, go for a walk at a moderate pace, practice cycling or spinning and of course, going up or down stairs also counts as such. They are all activities where the heart races from almost the first minute, which will give a better result when it comes to saying goodbye to fat. Both before, during and after, remember to drink plenty of water or herbal teas and leave out sugary drinks. Your first steps to achieve the desired goal have already been taken!

What to stop eating to slim legs

It is a very repeated question when talking about losing weight in the legs or other areas of the body. But the truth is that we really should eat, but healthier and more varied. It is true that once a week we can indulge ourselves, but if we maintain a lifestyle based on healthy eating, we will achieve the goal sooner than we expect.

  • We must say goodbye, or goodbye, to all the pre-cooked food, fried or to the pastries.
  • Similarly, also to sugary carbonated drinks or packaged juices.
  • We will drink more infusions or coffee but with skimmed milk, as well as yogurts also without sugar.
  • As for meats, it is true that a couple of times a week you can have whatever you like. But the vast majority of the time we should focus on white meats such as chicken or turkey.
  • Fish, tuna and some seafood will also be part of our new diet.
  • Of course, all those proteins have to be combined with vegetables. In fact, these will cover half of your plate. Of the other half, one part will be for protein and the other for carbohydrates such as whole wheat bread or pasta.
  • Includes fruits for snacking moments and for the contribution of vitamins that you also need.

Exercises to slim legs and thighs

What is the best exercise to slim your legs? It is a question that always haunts us and that now, we have the answer. But it is not only one, but we will find several and all of them really effective, so, we are going to test them on our body.


Before starting when any exercise routineIt is always advisable to warm up beforehand to avoid subsequent injuries. That said, when answering the question of the best exercises to slim legs, we stayed with squats in the first position. We have several versions, with or without weight, with a bar, sumo, isometric, etc. But it must be said that all of them will be more than perfect to deal with what brings us here today. What's more, you can create a routine with several types to make your training more enjoyable. Remember to rest for about 20 seconds between each rep block.


In this case, the strides will help us to lose weight but also to tone the whole leg. So it also has to be present in our daily routine. You stand up, with a small separation between them and take a step back with one of your legs, while the other remains flexed. But remember that the knee should not pass the part of the foot because then we could have some kind of injury. The lunges can be with jumping, lateral, with kick to the front or back raise, etc. What makes us once again have a choice to create our perfect training routine. You can combine a squat and out of it, take a lunge.

Step up and down

A step, a bench or a step will be the bases of an exercise like this. Because it also allows us to continue giving our legs more movement, which so much requires it. And also we involve the hips, quads or calves in an exercise like this. We start standing before our step, but if you have opted for a bench or drawer, it should not be higher than the knees. We place one foot on it, take a step and push ourselves up with the other leg. Whatever the chosen height, always try not to arch the body, but to keep the back straight, making the force in our legs. You can alternate legs for a more balanced finish.

Step jumps


It is a complete exercise, so it also has to be in our training. You can start both squatting and squatting. Then, placing your hands on the ground, you will throw your feet back, with a small push. Then we will get up and yes we will jump on our feet, to return to the ground to start the process. If done in an agile way, we will get a good result because it will also make the heart race a lot. Of course, you should always adjust the intensity and effort to your needs.

Exercises to slim legs and eliminate cellulite

Another problem that worries us is cellulite. One of those obstacles that cannot always be overcome, so we have to do a lot on our part. In addition to all the previous recommendations, certain nuances must be added. For example, in the food section, it is true that the fruit is also present but in this case, we will bet more on strawberries, watermelon or banana because they have antioxidants and prevent us from retaining so much fluids, which is one of the bases by which the hated cellulite accumulates.

Among the exercises to slim legs and eliminate cellulite, we are left with those that require a little strength. The best for this is to bet on the elastic band, which always helps to tone each part that works. So here it is really necessary. Do not forget both the lunges and the squats who can never be absent for this reason. But remember that in this case, you can also help yourself with weight, to enjoy better results. The same as going up and down stairs, where you can also put weight on your ankles. This will help eliminate sagging and be able to show your legs of scandal sooner than you expect.

Squats the complete exercise for the legs

Tricks and exercises to slim your thighs

Among the tricks that remain to be mentioned, we are left with that you should increase your protein intake. Because in addition to being satiating and helps us increase muscle mass. If you are one of those who cannot miss coffee in the morning, then drink it in moderation but don't forget about it. In addition, you can always accompany it with skimmed milk. You already know that it is a drink that accelerates the metabolism so we also need it in our life. Salt is relegated to one side, as you might already suppose, and it is best to add spices such as garlic, oregano or whatever you like the most. You will get flavor but without retaining liquids.

To slim your thighs you can bet on other exercises such as the bridge on the shoulders. That is, you have to lie on your back with your legs bent and little by little you breathe and raise your body but do not do it in a block. You will stay supported by the soles of the feet and the part of the shoulders. This exercise can be varied by raising your arm or putting your feet on tiptoe. It is one of the postures that are usually done in Pilates and this discipline will help us with its postures and exercises that tone. to achieve our goal.

Stride with weight

The leg raise is another of the most basic. Lying again, face up, we will raise one leg and then we will lower it slowly without touching the ground when we will raise the other. In addition to exercising this area, we will also do the same with the abdomen. So we already kill two birds with one stone! Little by little and following all the tips, you are sure to notice the difference. Tell us!

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