Exercises to do in the gym that are very complete

Exercises to do at the gym

If you still don't know where to start in the gym, we help you with it. Because it is true that sometimes we start doing series, training only a certain muscle group and the good thing is that we dedicate ourselves to several, or alternate them in days or in training, as you prefer. Do you want to know the exercises to do in the gym?

Surely many of them you already know, but we will tell you which ones may be the most complete for you. Thus, you will be able to leave your training totally renewed or renewed, knowing that with just a few exercises you will be exercising the whole body. Isn't it one of the great ideas? Well, do not miss everything that follows.

Military press, a basic exercise for the shoulders

Perhaps at home you do not have weights or bars, so one of the exercises to do in the gym is this. Its about military press that will make us exercise the shoulders. Although the back will also be involved in a certain way. To do this, we can take some weights or dumbbells in each hand, although if you prefer you can help yourself with a bar and place a disk at each end. This will allow you to lift the weight that suits your needs. The exercise consists of keeping the elbows bent, keeping the hands at chest level, to move to raise the arms above the head, reaching to stretch them. It is an upward push that we will achieve in several repetitions.

How to do pull-ups at the gym

Pull-ups for the back

It may also be that you have a device for them on the wall of your home, although in the gym we will tell you that you will. Even though It is one of the most requested to be able to work the backa, also has many detractors. Because it is not always easy to get them. From the moment you start dating, then you will see that the next one will still be better than the previous one and the motivation, much more. It is a complete exercise because the arms and even the core will also be involved in it.

Bench press between exercises to do in the gym

Yes, it is one of the well-known and most complete. Since in this case we will be exercising the pectoral as well as the shoulders. To do this, we have to lie on our back on the bench. Then, place your feet on the ground, contract your glutes and position your scapulae. To take the bar and the weight that we will go down to the height of the sternum or a little lower. when we get to it, we will go back up the low with a boost, but yes, the decline will be slower. Breathing and concentration must accompany us at all times so as not to lose balance.

You exercise your back and legs with the deadlift

Yes, he is another of the greats who did not want to miss this exercise parade. Both the back, hips or lumbar as well as the legs will suffer the exercise of the deadlift. You can do it both with dumbbells and with a bar, according to your free choice. As we lower the weight with the arms, the legs have to be flexed, while the back is kept straight and we slightly lean the body forward. But remembering that you have to push your chest out, so as not to push the bar too far forward. We are going to take it as close to the body as possible to avoid making movements that could damage our back.

Squats with bar

Squats with bar

In this case, in addition to the legs, we are also going to work the quadriceps and of course, the lumbar part. So it is another of the greats that we have in our life and among the exercises to do in the gym. It is another of the clear examples that we must keep our back straight, while the feet or knees do not open too much. You must avoid that when you go down you make the mistake of bringing your knees together or moving too much. Hence, we must adjust the weight as we have more or less practice.

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