What is the Bosco application?


One of the great concerns of parents today is to protect their children when it comes to the digital world. The arrival of mobile phones into daily life, along with everything related to social networks, has given rise to problems as serious and serious as easy access to inappropriate content, cyberbullying or cyberbullying and screen addiction. That is why solutions that allow parents to deal with these problems in the best possible way, without having to resort to much more extreme measures that could harm children, are always welcome.

This is where the Bosco app and the help it offers to parents. This application uses Artificial Intelligence to achieve a much smarter parenting style. Thanks to this application, parents will achieve the long-awaited well-being, and will also provide a lot of security to their children. In the following article we are going to talk to you in more detail about the Bosco application and how it should be used to achieve an education that is adequate as well as intelligent.

The danger of mobile phones in children

There is no doubt that the so-called digital age and the arrival of mobile phones into daily life has had a strong impact on the way children communicate and have fun. All this has given rise to a series of concerns among the parents themselves, as is the case inappropriate access to certain content, which could cause certain problems in the cognitive development of children.

El cyber bullying It is another of the dangers that children face today. The figures in this regard are devastating and it is believed that almost 60% of young people have suffered and suffered some type of harassment through social networks. This, as is normal, will lead to a series of quite serious consequences. on the emotional and mental health of these young people. Furthermore, the addiction to screens of a significant part of the child and adolescent population is a real concern that should not be overlooked. This addiction causes children to spend hours and hours in front of the computer or smartphones, completely neglecting essential activities regarding their development.

bosco app

The Bosco application or how to achieve intelligent parenting in children

Faced with all these problems, parents do everything possible so that the use of technology does not involve a series of threats and dangers for children. The Bosco application was born with the aim of providing a solution to such problems in an effective and intelligent way. This wonderful application will not only help parents protect their children from the dangers of social networks and new technologies, but also promotes good communication between parents and children.

The Bosco application is based on artificial intelligence when it comes to detect any type of danger and threat on the internet, that the little ones in the house could suffer, as occurs in the case of cyberbullying. When any type of situation considered dangerous or worrying is detected, the application will notify parents immediatelyOffering a series of preventive measures with which to protect children.

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The highlight of this wonderful application is what is known with the name “smarter parenting”. There is no need to place restrictions at any time regarding the use of the Internet by children. The important thing is to be able to give a series of guidelines to parents so that they know how to guide their children when it comes to the digital world and social networks. This application will provide information about the children's activity while using the internet, something that helps promote a good education in children regarding responsible and optimal use of technology.

It should also be noted that all The data collected in this application will be protected and encrypted, so parents can rest assured that this application will not share any of the children's personal data. In the case of collaborations with third parties, it is carried out in a completely anonymous and private manner.

How the Bosco app works

Once the application is installed, it has artificial intelligence tools that analyze the images displayed on the mobile screen and will notify us if it is inappropriate content for children. In addition, this app contains a database in 10 different languages ​​that recognize possible threats of cyberbullying or bullying and parents are immediately notified.

Also, as we have mentioned before, thanks to "smarter parenting" we can know how our children spend their time while they are on their mobile and we can promote the responsible use of the internet and social networks.

We cannot prevent our children from entering the Internet, but thanks to these tools we will be prepared to establish communication with them and protect them from invisible threats.

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